Tuesday, 19 November 2002: 7:00 AM-7:00 PM

Hall A (Convention Center, Ground Level)

Display Presentations, Section F. Crop Protection Entomology

D0419Mineral amendments to particle film, surround WP, affects mite population levels in apple
G. J. Puterka, Mike Glenn
D0420Efficacy of EnvidorTM, a new acaricide, against Eriophyidae mites on Florida citrus
Marco Toapanta, J. Abel Toledo, Richard Rudolph, John Bell, Roy Morris
D0421Effect of new miticide (spirodiclofen) on the beneficial arthropods in citrus
Geraldo Papa, Mauricio Rotundo, Germison Tomquelsk, Fernando Celoto
D0422Generalist predators and pest true bugs in pear: The role of orchard groundcover vegetation
Rick Hilton, Sally Basile, Jesse Benbow
D0423Aphids as vectors of the papaya ring spot virus in Michoacán, México
Juan A. Villanueva-Jiménez, Félix Valera-Jardines, Gustavo Mora-Aguilera, Antonio Mora-Aguilera, Adrián Nava, Daniel Téliz-Ortiz
D0424Variation in response to insecticides in two species of univoltine leafrollers
Michael J. Smirle, D. Thomas Lowery, Cheryl L. Zurowski
D0425Susceptibility of obliquebanded and Pandemis leafrollers to spinosad and Bacillus thuringiensis
Michael J. Smirle, D. Thomas Lowery, Cheryl L. Zurowski
D0426A comparison of the susceptibilities of green apple aphid and spirea aphid to imidacloprid and other aphicides
D. Thomas Lowery, Michael J. Smirle, Cheryl L. Zurowski, Robert G. Foottit
D0427A comparison of pesticide residues found in two peach pest management systems
George C Hamilton, Peter W. Shearer, Dean Polk, Roy Meyer
D0428Evaluation of reduced risk arthropod management program in New Jersey peach orchards
Atanas Atanassov, Peter W. Shearer
D0429Ant repellents partition the foraging of ants in pecan orchards
James D. Dutcher
D0430Management strategies for striped cucumber beetle and bacterial wilt in pumpkin
Ruth Hazzard, John Howell, Robert Wick, Tim Andenmatten
D0431Effects of leaf epicuticular waxes on the foraging efficiency of Diaretiella rapae (Braconidae: Aphidiinae) searching for Brevicoryne brassicae (Aphididae) on cauliflower
Grant L. Gentry
D0432Cutworm control on Pacific Northwest mint
Ronald Wight, Douglas Walsh, Timothy Waters
D0433Efficacy of Admire®, spray oil, and foliar insecticide for supression of aphids and viral disease in squash
Alton N., Jr. Sparks, David Riley
D0434Potato leafhopper economic injury levels on snap beans
Thomas P. Kuhar, John Speese, Michael P. Hoffmann
D0435Aphids and natural enemies population dynamics on sweet pepper plants in relation with catches on yellow sticky traps
Rodrigo Chorbadjian
D0436Value added strawberry transplants with Phytoseiulus persimilis predatory mites
James F. Price
D0437Seasonal distribution of leafhopper species in selected Kentucky grape vineyards
Md. Sufian Yek Md. Juni Yek, Ric Bessin
D0438Spatial distribution of glassywinged sharpshooters in a diverse agricultural system and correlation between direct observations and sticky trap data
David Bartels
D0439Aphids as virus vectors in Michigan vine crops
Rebecca Hines, Christina D. DiFonzo, Brian Cortright, Mary Hausbeck
D0440Biology and alternative controls for blueberry bud mite Acalitus vaccinii in Michigan blueberries
Vicki Morrone, Rufus Isaacs
D0441A survey of insect pests of Quebec vineyards
Noubar J. Bostanian, Charles Vincent
D0442New formulations for Ceratitis fruit fly trapping and management
Gerhard Booysen, John R. McLaughlin, Christopher V. Sack, Darek Czokajlo, Philipp Kirsch, Stephan Venter
D0443Effective new lure maximizes Anastrepha fruit fly captures in North and South America
David C. Robacker, Darek Czokajlo, John McLaughlin, Philipp Kirsch, Klaus Bederski, Stefan Bederski, Carlos Almeyda, John Quispe
D0444Field trials of lures to attract fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) in commercial sapodilla, mamey sapote, and carambola orchards in Puerto Rico
R. L. Pingel, N. Epsky
D0445Exotic fruit fly pressure on the Texas-Mexico border
Donald B. Thomas
D0446Last call attract and kill: Effective control for Cryptophlebia in citrus and macadamia in South Africa
Christopher V. Sack, Gerhard Booysen, Philipp Kirsch, John R. McLaughlin, Darek Czokajlo, Stephan Venter
D0447Response of male Choristoneura rosaceana (Harris) and Pandemis pyrusana Kearfott (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) to an attracticide formulation containing different concentrations of pheromone
Tomislav Curkovic, Jay F. Brunner, Peter J. Landolt, Philipp Kirsch, Darek Czokajlo
D0448Floral volatile attractants: development of novel lures for management of moth and beetle pests
Luma I. Abu Ayyash, John R. McLaughlin, Gerhard Booysen, Stephan Venter, Philipp Kirsch
D0449Management of shoot boring moths from genera Rhyacionia and Eucosma with attract and kill technology
Rebecca Hoffman, Darek Czokajlo, Gary E. Daterman, John R. McLaughlin, Jeff Webster, Robert G. Rynearson, Mark Gray, Andris Eglitis, Chris Jensen, Bradley Hughes, Paul Flanagan, Lia Spiegel, Christopher Asaro, C. Wayne Berisford, R. Scott Cameron, Lidia Sukovata, Andrzej Kolk, Boris Hrasovec, M. Pernek, Ward Strong, Philipp Kirsch
D0450Paper Withdrawn
D0451Pest management centers: Coordinating the delivery of IPM information in the United States
Susan Ratcliffe, Jim VanKirk
D0452The Southern Region Pest Management Center
Russell F. Mizell, O. Norman Nesheim
D0453An internet-based, interactive pest alert and management system for Oregon
Waheed Bajwa, Philip D VanBuskirk, Rick Hilton, Steven P Castagnoli
D0454IPM practices important for managing and techniques for monitoring Dectes texanus in sunflower
Robert Bowling, Bonnie Pendleton, Carl Patrick
D0455The development of an IPM strategy for beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua, in California sugarbeet
David R. Haviland, Larry D. Godfrey, Kevin E. Keillor
D0456Insect tests in support of IPM: New insect test kit developments
Willye Bryan, Chet Sutula, Norma Hoffman, Murali Bandla, Jeffrey P. Shapiro, Patricia F. O'Leary, Michael Roe, Donald C. Steinkraus
D0457Flonicamid: A new active ingredient to control foliar insect pests on ornamental plants
Cristi L Palmer, Geri J Cashion, Gary C Cramer, Karen M Novosel
D0458Can putting greens be managed without pesticides?
Jennifer A. Grant, Frank S. Rossi
D0459Pest status and chemical control of borers infesting apple burrknots in New York State
David P. Kain, Richard Straub, Arthur M. Agnello
D0460Control of walnut husk fly with GF-120
Robert A. Van Steenwyk, Barat Bisabri
D0461Monitoring susceptibility of Bemisia argentifolii to imidacloprid in Florida using a laboratory bioassay
David J. Schuster, Sandra L. Thompson
D0462Susceptibility of adult Bemisia tabaci (Aleyrodidae) and its parasite Eretmocerus sp. (Aphelinidae) to insecticides in Burkina Faso, West Africa
L. C. Otoidobiga, Charles Vincent, Robin K. Stewart
D0463A database of arthropods reported to be pesticide resistant
David Mota-Sanchez, Patrick S. Bills, Mark E. Whalon
D0464Negative cross-resistance factors: Critical parameters in their development and deployment
Barry R. Pittendrigh, Michael E. Scharf, Patrick Gaffney

The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition