Tuesday, 19 November 2002: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Room 118-119 (Convention Center, Ground Level)

Ten-Minute Papers, Subsection Fb. Urban Entomology

Moderator(s): Michael E. Scharf
Kristin Davidson
1:00 PM0804Foraging dynamics of subterranean termites (Reticulitermes spp.) in Ohio
Nicola.T Gallagher, Susan C. Jones
1:12 PM0805Evaluation of the effects of semiochemicals on the feeding and foraging behavior of the Formosan subterranean termite
Mary L. Cornelius
1:24 PM0806Characterization of tunneling geometry of subterranean termites by using a simulation program
Nan-Yao Su
1:36 PM0807The making of SimTerm, a simulation program for termite tunneling - from scrub-jay and manatee to subterranean termite
Bradley M. Stith, Nan-Yao Su
1:48 PM0808Comparison of monitoring methods used to estimate Argentine ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) populations
Patricia M. Alder, Jules Silverman
2:00 PM0809Perceived mortality risk in ants: a possible learned response to pesticides
Randi Hodges, Linda M. Hooper-Bi, Jessica Rosson
2:12 PM0810Selection of imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, hosts by the decapitating phorid fly, Pseudacteon tricuspis
Richard Matthew Martyniak, P. G. Koehler, Faith Oi
2:24 PM0811Biotic and abiotic factors contributing to red imported fire ant colony movement
Janet L. Kintz-Early, Clyde S. Gorsuch
2:36 PM0812Degradation of bifenthrin and deltamethrin on several substrates
Linda M. Hooper-Bi, Heather Story-Whitney, Jessica Rosson
2:48 PM0813The effect of bait placement on pharaoh ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) control
Catina R. Ratliff, Daniel R. Suiter, Linda J. Mason, Gary W. Bennett
3:00 PM0814Effect of diet history on pharaoh ant control given three boric acid nutrient bait types
Dean J. Brad, Daniel R. Suiter, Jonathan J. Neal, Gary W. Bennett
3:12 PM0815Isolation of proteins secreted by tergal glands in the German cockroach, Blattella germanica (L.)
Kurt D. Saltzmann, Jonathan J. Neal, Gary W. Bennett
3:24 PM0816Toxicity of dishwashing soap to German cockroaches, Blattella germanica
Rebecca Baldwin, P. G. Koehler, Faith Oi
3:36 PM0817Novel formulations for prolonged control of urban pests: mosquito and cockroach studies
Richard Levy, Michael A. Nichols, William R. Opp
3:48 PM0818Paper Withdrawn
4:00 PM0819Prevalence of Salmonella spp. and Escherichia coli bacteria in association with insects collected from food-handling and -processing facilities
Deanna Branscome, P. G. Koehler, Faith Oi
4:12 PM0820Effects of ultrasound on adult movement and courtship and mating behaviors of Indianmeal month
Fangneng Huang, Bhadriraju Subramanyam, Russell Taylor
4:24 PM0821Catch efficacy of commercial light traps for control of the house fly Musca domestica (L.)
Matthew Aubuchon, P. G. Koehler
4:36 PM0822Non-target species attracted to baits used for control of yellowjacket wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in Hawaii
David Foote, J. Kiyoko McMurry, Eric B. Spurr
4:48 PM0825Paper Withdrawn

The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition