Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 2:12 PM

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Selection of imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, hosts by the decapitating phorid fly, Pseudacteon tricuspis

Richard Matthew Martyniak, P. G. Koehler, and Faith Oi. University of Florida, Department of Entomology and Nematology, Natural Area Drive, P.O. Box 110620, Gainesville, FL

Some members of the Genus Pseudacteon (Family Phoridae) are obligate parasitoids of the imported red fire ant, Solenopsis invicta and have been imported and released in the Southeastern United States as biocontrol agents. The species Pseudacteon tricuspis selects medium to large host Fire ant workers which are present at disturbed mounds. The behaviors of fly and host were captured utilizing motion digital recording and quantified.

Species 1: Hymenoptera Formicidae Solenopsis invicta (Red Imported Fire Ant)
Species 2: Diptera Phoridae Pseudacteon tricuspis (Decapitating Fly)
Keywords: oviposition behavior, parasitoid

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