Tuesday, 19 November 2002 - 3:36 PM

This presentation is part of : Ten-Minute Papers, Subsection Fb. Urban Entomology

Novel formulations for prolonged control of urban pests: mosquito and cockroach studies

Richard Levy, Michael A. Nichols, and William R. Opp. LCMCD, TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CENTER, P.O. BOX 60005, Fort Myers, FL

Controlled-delivery formulation technology (Matricap®) based on the use of patented coating complex admixtures composed of one or more fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty alcohol esters, fatty acid esters, phthalyl esters, waxes, or plasticizers, with or without one or more polymer binders and adjuvants was developed to regulate the release rate and release profile of bioactive agents such as insect growth regulators, biolarvicides or central nervous system inhibitors from solid carrier matrices. Coating selection was dependent on the type of habitat, the physicochemical characteristics of the bioactive agent, and the surface or subsurface orientation of the target pest . Specific gravity, solubility, hydrolysis, melting point, and biodegradation interactions of the coating(s), carrier, and bioactive agent(s) in an admixture were utilized to design specific sustained release compositions for aquatic or terrestrial pest-management applications. Granular compositions were evaluated against mosquito larvae while bait stations were evaluated against cockroach nymphs. If the formulation components were properly matched, a Matricap® composition could target the orientation and/or feeding patterns of vector or pest populations for prolonged periods.

Keywords: controlled delivery of insecticides

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