The 2005 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition
December 15-18, 2005
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Thursday, December 15, 2005: 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

Room 124 (Convention Center, Ground Level)

Symposium: Medical Entomology Research in the US Military

Organizer(s): Michael Zyzak,
Lisa L O'Brien,
9:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
9:05 AM0053Overview of military entomology programs and research
Sharon L. Spradling,
9:25 AM0054Comparing human health risks: West Nile virus and mosquito adulticides
Robert Peterson,, Paula Macedo,, Ryan Davis
9:45 AM0055Arthropod repllents field-tested against phlebotomine sand flies in Egypt  [ Recorded presentation ]
DE. Szumlas,
10:05 AM0056Personal protective measures and insect repellents used against disease vectors in the US military
Mustapha Debboun,, Jerry Klun,
10:25 AMBreak
10:45 AM0057Pest management decision making based on analytic tools for mosquito surveillance data
Joshua Bast,, Roderick Barnes,
11:05 AM0058Challenges and opportunities for predicting introduction and spread of tulameria
Keith Blount,
11:25 AM0059Defense logistic agency's palos verdes blue butterfly endangered species recovery program
Jason Pike,
11:45 AM0060USAMRU-Kenya: 30 years of arthropod-borne disease research in east Africa  [ Recorded presentation ]
Van Sherwood,
12:05 PMConcluding Remarks

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