Tuesday, 28 October 2003: 7:00 AM-6:30 PM

Hall B (Convention Center (First Floor))

Display Presentations, Section Cd. Behavior and Ecology

D0322Measuring the relative importance of insect visitors to the pollination of slickspot peppergrass, Lepidium papilliferum
Ian C Robertson, Hollie Leavitt, Danielle Klemash, Amy Ulappa
D0323Bee fauna (Apoidea) from a northern California dunes preserve
David M. Gordon
D0324Pollen choice of Osmia lignaria lignaria (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) in central Virginia
Mark Kraemer, Francoise Favi
D0325Feral honey bees in pine forest landscapes: The role of landscape structure
Robert N. Coulson, Maria D. Tchakerian, Alice M. Pinto, Kristen A. Baum, William L. Rubink
D0326Response of Diabrotica and Acalymma to cucurbitacin-laced baits and traps
Donald C. Weber, Guillermo Cabrera Walsh, Michael M. Athanas
D0327The adaptive significance of sibling egg cannibalism in the Coccinellidae: Comparative evidence from three species
Angela K. Grant, J.P. Michaud
D0328A paleoenvironmental analysis using fossil insects in Quaternary sites in Ohio and Indiana, 9,000 BP to 40,000 BP
Melanie Bergolc
D0329Calorespirometric measurements of energy metabolism in Harmonia axyridis pupae (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in response to temperature
Elif Barcin Acar, Dallen Mill, Bruce N. Smith, Lee D. Hansen, Gary M. Booth
D0330Trogid beetles and mites: Host-symbiont relationships
James R. Philips
D0331Male-specific compounds from three species of Phyllotreta flea beetles
Bruce W. Zilkowski, Allard A. Cossé, Robert J. Bartelt
D0332Growth parameters of larval viburnum leaf beetle, Pyrrhalta viburni, under different environmental conditions
Maria Derval Diaz, Paul A. Weston, Gaylord Desurmont
D0333Visual floral cues used by female crab spiders (Misumena vatia) to select hunting sites
Melanie Youngs, Tara Stephens
D0334Halyomorpha halys, (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae), new nuisance pest and future agricultural problem?
Gary Bernon, Karen M. Bernhard, E. Richard Hoebeke, Maureen E. Carter
D0335Oviposition of the southern green stink bug, Nezara viridula (L.) on artificial substrate induced by soybean plant chemical extracts
Antônio R. Panizzi, Mark A. Berhow, Mercedes C. Carrão-Panizzi, Robert J. Bartelt
D0336Vibrational communication in the southern green stink bug Nezara viridula (L.) (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
Meta Virant Doberlet, Andrej Cokl, Petra Pavlovcic, Maja Zorovic, Vladimir Meglic, Simona Susnik, Jelka Sustar Vozlic
D0337Mathematical indices of sterile insect mating competitiveness and what they (really) tell us
David R. Lance
D0338Pheromone of Galerucella calmariensis: Progress toward chemical identification
Robert J. Bartelt, Allard A. Cossé, Bruce W. Zilkowski, Robert N. Wiedenmann, Susan L. Post
D0339Essential plant oils as lures for Phyllophaga spp. adults
Robert Crocker, Maricela Garcia-Bonilla
D0340Interactions among plant with extrafloral nectaries, myrmecophilous leafhopper (Homoptera), and ants
Gustavo Moya-Raygoza
D0341Green peach aphid overwintering strategies in the Pacific Northwest
Keith S. Pike
D0342Electronic monitoring: Characterizing the feeding behavior of aster leafhopper on hosts and insecticides
Liyang Zhou, Edward J. Grafius, Beth A. Bishop, Walter L. Pett, Mary Hausbeck
D0343Life history of the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, on its primary host plant
Ho Jung Yoo, Robert J. O'Neil
D0344Potential effects of a fire ant - aphid mutualism on the spread of an aphid-vectored plant virus
Laura B. Cooper, Micky D. Eubanks, John F. Murphy
D03452002-3 winter mortality of hemlock woolly adelgid in the Northeastern U.S
Kathleen S. Shields, Carole A. S-J. Cheah
D0346Habitat-specific life-history variation in the Caribbean termite Nasutitermes acajutlae (Isoptera: Termitidae)
Punidan D. Jeyasingh, Claire A. Fuller
D0347Life history changes in termites infected with an acanthocephalan parasite
Claire A. Fuller, Punidan D. Jeyasingh
D0348Effects of host plant species on the hymenopteran parasitoids of an exotic leafminer, Liriomyza huidobrensis (Diptera: Agromyzidae)
Sheila A. Goodfellow, Diane E. Stanley-Horn, Rebecca H. Hallett
D0349Influence of burlap band colour on larval, pupal and egg mass counts of gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)
David Roden
D0350Neurotoxic alkaloid triggers leaf-trenching by cabbage loopers, Trichoplusia ni
David E. Dussourd
D0351Impact of a natural catastrophe and subsequent ecosystem-level stress on fluctuating asymmetry (FA) in wolf spiders
Kerri M. Wrinn, J. Andrew Roberts, George W. Uetz
D0352An investigation of the relationship between the tendency to produce silk and the tendency to share it in embiids (Order Embiidina)
Janice Edgerly-Rooks, Samantha Shenoy, Vanessa Werner
D0353Comparison of ground beetles in original and reconstructed tallgrass prairies in northeastern Iowa
Kirk J. Larsen
D0354Hexavalent chromium effects at the bottom of the food web
John T. Trumble, Peter Jensen
D0355Using insect biodemography to determine critical elements in the population ecology and management of a pest in a multi-crop system
Luis A. Cañas, Steven E. Naranjo, Peter C. Ellsworth
D0356Lygus bugs in Texas cotton: Significance of roadside noncotton hosts
Megha N. Parajulee, Mark D. Arnold, Stanley C. Carroll, Andy M. Cranmer, P. Latha Bommireddy, Ram B. Shrestha
D0357Arthropod communities in monocropped and black walnut intercropped alfalfa
W. Terrell Stamps, Terry L. Woods, Marc J. Linit
D0358Diurnal predators of plum curculio larvae on an orchard floor
David A Jenkins
D0359Bean leaf beetle phenology and abundance in South Dakota soybeans
Leslie Hammack, Joseph L. Pikul
D0360Soybean herbivory affects western corn rootworm behavior and oviposition
Timothy R. Mabry, Joseph L. Spencer, Eli Levine, Scott A. Isard
D0361The use of GIS analysis in monitoring the North American distribution of Aphis glycines (soybean aphid)
Leslie R. Campbell, J.M. Shawn Hutchinson, Jason Herynk, John Reese
D0362Soybean age and soybean aphid growth rate
Claire E. Rutledge, Robert J. O'Neil
D0363Ecological impact of the southern pine beetle in a sustainable forest management context
Maria D. Tchakerian, Jaehyung Yu, Robert N. Coulson, Forrest L. Oliveria
D0364Dispersal of the exotic emerald ash borer from a point source
Deborah G. McCullough, Therese Poland, David Cappaert
D0365The use of prey and prey habitat cues in foraging patch selection by praying mantis nymphs (Mantodea: Mantidae)
Shawn M. Wilder, Ann L. Rypstra
D0366Stored product insects in a flour mill: population dynamics, spatial distribution, dispersal behavior and implications for pest management
James F. Campbell, Terry Arbogast
D0367Detection of stored-grain insect infestation in wheat transported in railroad hopper-cars
Joel Perez-Mendoza, Paul W. Flinn, James F. Campbell, David W. Hagstrum, James E. Throne
D0368Evaluation of chronic exposure of monarch butterflies to Bt corn pollen
Robyn Rose, Galen P. Dively, Richard L. Hellmich, Mark Sears, Sarah Rempel, Keith Bidne
D0369Characterizing adult corn rootworm spatial dynamics in the South Dakota areawide management site
Wade French, Laurence Chandler, Amber Beckler, Dave Beck

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