Tuesday, 28 October 2003

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A paleoenvironmental analysis using fossil insects in Quaternary sites in Ohio and Indiana, 9,000 BP to 40,000 BP

Melanie Bergolc, Dept. of Geological Sciences, Bowling Green State University, Dept. of Geological Sciences, 190 Overman Hall, Bowling Green, OH

Coleopteran remains are being examined in fives sites in west-central Ohio (Preble Co., Shelby Co., and Wyandot Co.) and east-central Indiana (Fayette Co.). The insect specimens will be used to determine a smaller temperature range by using MCR analysis (Mutual Climate Range) and habitat type. Presently, sediment samples are being sieved and insect remains collected for the analysis. This study will allow for environmental changes to be seen at finer temporal and spatial scales during glacial fluctuations in the end Pleistocene.

Species 1: Coleoptera
Keywords: Quaternary paleontology

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