Monday, 15 November 2004: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM

251 E (Salt Palace L-2)

Student Competition for the President's Prize, Section B. Physiology, Biochemistry, Toxicology, and Molecular Biology

Moderator(s): Marianne Alleyne
John Immaraju
8:30 AM0040Bark beetle cytochrome P450s
Pamela Ann Amos
8:42 AM0041Molecular characterization of digestive proteinases of the yellow mealworm, Tenebrio molitor L  [ Recorded presentation ]
Sheila Prabhakar, Mingshun Chen, Yoonseong Park, Youping Deng, C.Michael Smith, Elena N. Elpidina, Konstantin S. Vinokurov, Brenda Oppert
8:54 AM0042Cloning and characterization of a novel gene from the salivary glands of pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris)  [ Recorded presentation ]
Navdeep S. Mutti, John C. Reese, Gerald R. Reeck
9:06 AM0043Molecular cloning and characterization of two digestive serine proteases from the first-instar larvae of the Hessian fly, Mayetiola destructor (Say)  [ Recorded presentation ]
Omprakash Mittapalli, Jeff Stuart, Richard Shukle
9:18 AM0044Potential role of mosquito Aedes aegypti sterol carrier protein-2 in vitellogenesis  [ Recorded presentation ]
Irina Vyazunova, E.J. Blitzer, Que Lan
9:30 AM0045Tissue and temporal expression of gene transcripts encoding proteins involved in ecdysteroidogenesis in the mosquito ovary  [ Recorded presentation ]
Douglas Sieglaff, Mark R. Brown
9:42 AM0046Analysis of an alpha tubulin promoter from Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) and its use in germline transformation  [ Recorded presentation ]
Kendra S. Siebert, MarcÚ D. Lorenzen, Yoonseong Park, Susan J. Brown, Richard W. Beeman
9:54 AMBreak
10:06 AM0047Discontinuous carbon dioxide release in the German cockroach Blatella germanica (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae) and effect on respiratory transpiration
Beatrice N Dingha, Arthur G Appel, Micky D. Eubanks
10:18 AM0048Understanding the mode of action of elevated carbon dioxide for postharvest insect control  [ Recorded presentation ]
Tunyalee A. Martin, Christine YS. Peng, Elizabeth J. Mitcham
10:30 AM0049Characterization of the Copidosoma floridanum hedgehog gene and its role in polyembryonic proliferation  [ Recorded presentation ]
Michael A. White, Laura S. Corley
10:42 AM0050Cotesia flavipes and Manduca sexta: A model for studying parasitoid encapsulation in refractory hosts  [ Recorded presentation ]
Ronald Dumpit, Mario A. Rodriguez-Perez, Marianne Alleyne, Nancy E. Beckage
10:54 AM0051Characterization of Cry1F resistance in laboratory selected European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)
Eliseu Pereira, Herbert Siqueira, Nick Storer, Blair D. Siegfried
11:06 AM0052Population genetics of kdr and CYP6D1v1 in house flies from the eastern USA  [ Recorded presentation ]
Frank D. Rinkevich, Ronda Hamm, Li Zhang, Jeffrey G. Scott
11:18 AM0053Evaluation of the effect of salinity stress on saponin contents in Bellis perrenis L
Elham Attaran, Ma'sood Bujar, Ramezan Ali Khavari nejad

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