Monday, 27 October 2003: 7:00 AM-6:30 PM

Hall B (Convention Center (First Floor))

Display Presentations, Section F. Crop Protection Entomology

D0213Effect of Roundup Ready transgenic wheat on greenbug, Russian wheat aphid, and wheat curl mite
Tom Harvey, Joe Martin, Dallas Seifers
D0214Postharvest pest control on lettuce using controlled atmosphere and vacuum
Yong-Biao Liu
D0215Describing the temporal dynamics of aphid dispersal and virus spread in snap bean fields in New York
Brian A. Nault, Denis A. Shah, Arlie C. McFaul
D0216Does aphid-resistant wheat affect the ability of convergent lady beetle larvae to control aphids?
Roxanne Shufran, Bonnie B. Pendleton, G. J. Michels, Jr.
D0217Toxicant efficacy mediated by toxicant distribution changes caused by three greenhouse sprayers for control of aphids on chrysanthemums
Timothy Ebert, Richard Derksen, Charles Krause, Roger Downer
D0218Effects of the rice root aphid on the forage and grain yields of wheat
Dean Kindler, Louis Hesler, Norman C. Elliott, Tom A. Royer, Kristopher L. Giles
D0219Temperature and moisture effects on fecundity and survivorship of the soybean aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae)
Brian P. McCornack, David W. Ragsdale, Robert C. Venette
D0220The performance of neonicotinoid insecticides for control of green peach aphids and tobacco flea beetles and their impact the yield of flue-cured tobacco yield
Paul J. Semtner
D0221Impact of layering control tactics on the spread of Pierce's disease by the glassy-winged sharpshooter
Richard A. Redak, Matthew J. Blua, James A. Bethke
D0222Life tables of grape phylloxera: effects of variable temperature regimes on a population from Washington, Oregon, and California
James R. Fisher, Mary A. Albrecht, Rebecca L. Chitkowski
Paper Withdrawn
D0224Action of particle films on the biology and behavior of pear psylla
Gary Puterka
D0225Attractive and phagostimulant gel for bait stations in fruit fly control
Daniel S. Moreno, Robert L. Mangan
D0226Attract and kill technology to control New World fruit flies
David Robacker, Eric Hoffman, Mark E. Whalon, Susan B. Opp, Darek Czokajlo, Philipp Kirsch, John R McLaughlin
D0227Monitoring and trapping insects on poinsettia with yellow sticky card traps equipped with light-emitting diodes
Tian-Ye Chen, Chang-chi Chu
D0228Ovarian morphology of diapausing Homalodisca coagulata (Say) (Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae) over time and its correlation to photophase
James A. Bethke, Roger A. Burkes, Jennifer J. Charles, Richard A. Redak
D0229Integration of chemical and biological control for the mexfly in Texas citrus
Donald B. Thomas
D0230Management of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata Wied.) using pheromone traps and neem seed water extract
Clement Akotsen-Mensah, Daniel Obeng-Ofori, Kwame Afreh-Nuamah

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