Wednesday, 29 October 2003: 7:00 AM-3:00 PM

Hall B (Convention Center (First Floor))

Display Presentations, Section B. Physiology, Biochemistry, Toxicology, and Molecular Biology

D0471Developmental regulation of the purine synthesis enzyme purH in the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata
George D. Yocum
D0472Post-diapause gene expression and respiration in the alfalfa leafcutting bee Megachile rotundata (F.) (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)
William P. Kemp, George D. Yocum, Jordi Bosch, J. N. Knoblett
D0473Diapause inception and post-diapause quiescence: patterns of heat shock protein expression in pupae of the flesh fly Sarcophaga crassipalpis
Scott A. L. Hayward, Joseph P. Rinehart, David L. Denlinger
D0474Molecular characterization of Sarcophaga crassipalpis diapause by microarray hybridization
Joseph P. Rinehart, George D. Yocum, Karl H. Joplin, Hugh A. Miller III, David L. Denlinger
D0475Ablation of caterpillar labial salivary glands: Technique for determining the role of saliva in insect-plant interactions
Richard O. Musser, Spencer Williams, Gary W. Felton
D0476Characterization of genes expressed in the salivary glands of the Hessian fly
Xuming Liu, John P. Fellers, Gerald E. Wilde, Ming-Shun Chen
D0477Molecular cloning of trypsin-like cDNAs and comparison of proteinase activities in the salivary glands and gut of the tarnished plant bug Lygus lineolaris (Heteroptera: Miridae)
Yu Cheng Zhu, Fanrong Zeng, Brenda Oppert
D0478Induction of detoxification enzymes by atrazine in the fall armyworm
Simon S.J. Yu
D0479Virucidal activity in Heliothis virescens plasma
Kent S. Shelby, Holly J.R. Popham, Sandra L. Brandt, Thomas A. Coudron
D0480Localization of intracellular calcium release in cultured cells injured by venom from Nasonia vitripennis and dependence of calcium mobilization on G-protein activation
David Rivers, Holly Bauser
D0481In vitro expression and pharmacology of the 5-HT7-like receptor present in the mosquito Aedes aegypti tracheolar cells
Patricia V. Pietrantonio, Dae Weon Lee
D0482Tcaiii is not required for Photorhabdus luminescens toxin complex A's toxicity against adult silverleaf whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci Strain B)
Dale B. Gelman, Michael B. Blackburn, Jing S. Hu
D0483Proteomic analysis Spodoptera frugiperda peritrophic matrix proteins
Tibor Pechan, Dawn S. Luthe
D0484Flower bud initiation in Populus deltoides in response to the cottonwood twig borer [Gypsonoma haimbachiana (Kearfott)]
Cetin Yuceer, Samuel B. Land, Dawn S. Luthe
D0485Population genetic structure of Homalodisca coagulata (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)
Jesus H. de Leon, Walker A. Jones, Marissa Gonzalez
D0486Analysis of proliferating cell nuclear antigen from a mosquito
Lingzhi Ma, Vida P. Hernandez, Anna Gerenday, Ann M. Fallon
D0487Identification of Peristenus howardi via polymerase chain reaction
James Barbour, Thomas M. Mowry, Lorraine Seymour
D0488Comparative analysis of mosquito ribosomal protein RPS3
Lei Li, Ann M. Fallon
D0489Prostaglandins, not lipoxygenase products, mediate insect microaggregation reactions to bacterial challenge in isolated hemocyte preparations
Jon S. Miller, Pamela K. Phelps, David Stanley
D0490Occurrence of histone-like tails on RPS6 proteins from lower Diptera
Vida P. Hernandez, Lei Li, Ann M. Fallon
D0491Toxicity of spinosad and fipronil to teprhitid fruit flies and their parasitoids
John D. Stark, Roger I. Vargas, Neil Miller, Russell Ijima
D0492Resistance to permethrin and associated fitness costs in a Mexican strain of Boophilus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae)
Andrew Y. Li, Ronald B. Davey, John E. George
D0493Evolutionary plasticity of monooxygenase-mediated resistance
Jeffrey G. Scott, Shinji Kasai
D0494Enzyme control by the pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide in sex pheromone biosynthesis in the "Z strain" of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis
Hanan Eltahlawy, Stephen P Foster
D0495Distinguish sorghum greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae) biotypes using high-throughput AFLP
Keyan Zhu-Salzman, Haiwen Li, Patricia Klein
D0496Evaluation of starvation conditions for cultured mosquito cells
Yongjiao Zhai, Anna Gerenday, Ann M. Fallon
D0497Structure and evolution of the mitochondrial DNA COI gene and A+T-rich region of three Muscidae species (Diptera: Calyptratae): Haematobia irritans, Stomoxys calcitrans and Musca domestica
Marcos Túlio de Oliveira, Ana Maria Lima de Azeredo-Espin, Ana Cláudia Lessinger
D0498Prothoracicotropic hormone stimulates multiple intracellular signaling events characteristic of a growth factor
Wendy A. Smith, Jennifer Priester, Amy Walsh
D0499Putative odorant-degrading enzyme and an integumental esterase from the wild silkmoth, Antheraea polyphemus
Yuko Ishida, Walter S. Leal
D0500Sequencing and characterization of Hyposoter fugitivus polydnavirus (HfIV) genomic DNA
Kohjiro Tanaka, Walter E. Barney, Stephanie N. DeBorde, Claire V. Collins, Andrea M. Makkay, Donald B. Stoltz, Bruce A. Webb

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