Sunday, 17 November 2002: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Room 315 (Convention Center, Third Floor)

Arthropod Pests of Landscape and Production Ornamentals

Session Chair(s): Eileen A. Buss
Moderator(s): Tiffany Heng-Moss
Colin D. Stewart
Carlos E. Bográn
8:00 AMWelcoming Remarks
8:05 AM0036Production of hibiscus using IPM
Scott Ludwig
8:17 AM0037Total crop monitoring and IPM for ornamental crops in Texas
Carlos E. Bográn
8:29 AM0038Managing foliar nematodes, Aphelenchoides sp., on greenhouse grown plants
Stanton Gill, Paula M. Shrewsbury, Rondalyn Reeser
8:41 AM0039Influence of nutrient and water management practices on the population dynamics of black vine weevil
Kreshnik Bejleri, Paula M. Shrewsbury
8:53 AM0040New technology, scarab grubs, and black vine weevil in ornamental nurseries in Ohio
Michael E. Reding, Michael Klein
9:05 AM0041Root weevil control in ornamentals in south Florida
Catharine Mannion
9:17 AM0042Sources of fungus gnat, Bradysia spp. (Diptera: Sciaridae) contamination in commercial floriculture greenhouses
Raymond A. Cloyd, Edmond R. Zaborski
9:29 AM0043Citrus mealybug management in greenhouse ornamental plants
Casey Sclar
9:41 AM0044Aspects of the biology and behavior of Altica sp., a pest of Lagerstroemia and Oenothera
Gretchen Pettis, S. K. Braman
9:53 AMBreak
10:03 AM0045Evaluating companion planting and non-host masking odors for protecting roses from the Japanese beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)
David W. Held, Daniel A. Potter
10:15 AM0046Sycamore lace bug, Corythuca ciliata (Say), (Hemiptera: Tingidae): biology and potential of host plant resistance
Russell F. Mizell
10:27 AM0047The influence of temperature on herbivore and natural enemy population dynamics
Miles Lepping, Paula M. Shrewsbury
10:39 AM0048Ecology and management of calico scale, an outbreaking insect on Kentucky horse farms
Jamee Hubbard, Daniel A. Potter, Md Sufian Yek Md Juni Yek, Callie Prater, Matthew Stephens
10:51 AM0049Conservation biological control of euonymus scale in a managed landscape
Eric J. Rebek, Cliff S. Sadof, Lawrence M. Hanks
11:03 AM0050Nontarget effects of systemic imidacloprid on the parasitoid Anagyrus pseudococci and the predator Coleomegilla maculata when flower feeding
Vera A. Krischik, Alyson Landmark, George Heimpel
11:15 AM0051Residual effects of imidacloprid on target pests and natural enemies on woody landscape plants
Ada Szczepaniec, Michael J. Raupp
11:27 AM0052Biological control agents of evergreen bagworm: behavior, ecology, and intraguild interactions
Marianne Alleyne, Jodie A Ellis, Robert N. Wiedenmann, Lawrence M. Hanks
11:39 AMConcluding Remarks

The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition