TMP's, P-IE Section: Crop Protection - Horticulture and Vegetable Production

Sunday, November 16, 2014: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
F152 (Oregon Convention Center)
Alton Sparks
Paul W. Borth

8:00 AM
Subterranean springtail: A pest of lettuce in the Salinas Valley of California
Shimat V. Joseph, University of California ; Christopher Bettiga, University of California ; Felipe N. Soto-Adames, University of Illinois
8:12 AM
Management of sap-feeding insects in citrus and vegetables using CloserTM insecticide
Alejandro Calixto, Dow AgroSciences ; Anthony W. Weiss, Dow AgroSciences ; Melissa Siebert, Dow AgroSciences ; James D. Thomas, Dow AgroSciences ; Joe Eger, Dow AgroSciences ; Linda Lindenberg, Dow AgroSciences ; Scott Houk, Dow AgroSciences
8:48 AM
All mustards are not created equal: Optimizing trap cropping for the harlequin bug (Murgantia histrionica, Hahn) on collard
Louis E.N. Jackai, North Carolina A&T State University ; Beatrice N. Dingha, North Carolina A&T State University ; Sarah Adjei-Fremah, North Carolina A&T State University ; Mulumebet Worku, North Carolina A&T State University
9:00 AM
Estimation of injury levels of Spodoptera sp. (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) against hybrid variety of eggplant (Solanum lycopersicum)
Fatima Mustafa, University of Agriculture ; Muhammad Ullah, University of Sargodha ; Nasir Mehmood, University of Agriculture
9:24 AM
9:24 AM
Agri-Mek SC for mite control in Soybeans (Glycine max)
Deane Jorgenson, Syngenta Crop Protection ; A. Moses, Syngenta Crop Protection LLC ; Erin Hitchner, Syngenta Crop Protection LLC ; Joshua Adkins, Syngenta Crop Protection LLC ; Aaron Franssen, Syngenta Crop Protection LLC ; J.P. Koenig, Syngenta Crop Protection LLC
9:36 AM
IsoclastTM Active: Bringing a new tool for managing key heteropteran sap-feeding insects on horticultural crops globally
Luis E. Gomez, Dow AgroSciences ; Melissa Siebert, Dow AgroSciences ; Imre Mezei, Dow AgroSciences ; Michael Lysandrou, Dow AgroSciences ; Luis Pavan, Dow AgroSciences ; Lakshmipathi Srigiriraju, Dow AgroSciences ; Robert Annetts, Dow AgroSciences ; Catherine Ren, Dow AgroSciences
9:48 AM
10:00 AM
Managing sucking insects in western vegetables with Sulfoxaflor
C. Kuniyoshi, Dow AgroSciences ; Jesse M. Richardson, Dow AgroSciences ; Melissa Siebert, Dow AgroSciences
10:12 AM
The influence of crop management and landscape diversity on damage in tomatoes by brown marmorated stink bug
Kevin Rice, Pennsylvania State University ; Rachael Troyer, Pennsylvania State University ; Kristal Watrous, Pennsylvania State University ; Lynn Kime, Pennsylvania State University ; John Tooker, Pennsylvania State University ; Shelby J. Fleischer, Pennsylvania State University
10:24 AM
Melon thrips, Thrips palmi Karny (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), a serious concern to vegetable growers of South Florida
Dakshina Seal, University of Florida ; Catherine Sabines, Entomology and Nematology
10:36 AM
Chemigation as a risk reduction tool in fruiting vegetable production
James F. Walgenbach, North Carolina State University ; Stephen Schoof, North Carolina State University ; Dylan A. Tussey, North Carolina State University
10:48 AM
Effects of thiamine treatment on potato to control potato virus Y and zebra chip
Amber Vinchesi, Oregon State University ; Silvia Rondon, Oregon State University ; Aymeric Goyer, Oregon State University
11:00 AM
Alternative methods to control potato pests
Silvia Rondon, Oregon State University ; Ira Thompson, Oregon State University ; Amelia Jordan, Oregon State University
11:12 AM
Sultan miticide in ornamental integrated pest management programs
Jennifer Bergh, BASF Corporation ; Will Fletcher, BASF Corporation ; Kathie Kalmowitz, BASF Corporation
11:24 AM
Indirect effects of field management on pollination service by honey bees (Apis mellifera) and seed set in hybrid onion seed production
Rachael Long, University of California ; Sandra Gillespie, Simon Fraser University ; Neal M. Williams, University of California
11:36 AM
11:48 AM
Nealta® and Sultan®, a new generation of selective acaricides in the U.S. and their potential role in preserving beneficial mite populations
Anil Menon, BASF Corporation ; Will Fletcher, BASF Corporation ; H. Alejandro Arevalo, BASF Corporation