Wednesday, December 12, 2007: 7:00 AM-3:00 PM

Grand Exhibit Hall, First Floor (Town & Country)

D. Medical and Veterinary Entomology

 D0587Modulating properties of dust mite extracts on human dermal microvascular endothelial cells
Larry G. Arlian, Aaron M. Newman, Marjorie S. Morgan
 D0588Molecules isolated from the mite Sarcoptes scabiei influence skin cells
Marjorie S. Morgan, Larry G. Arlian, Cynthia J. Williams
D0589Detection of cocaine in Chrysomya albiceps (Diptera: Calliphoridae) larvae reared from a human corpse: Report of a forensic entomology case in southeastern Brazil
Marcos J. Alves Jr, Patricia Jacqueline Thyssen, Selma Giorgio, Aricio Xavier Linhares, Marcos M. F. Mello
 D0590Genetic differentiation of the lymphatic filariasis vector, Aedes polynesiensis, using microsatellite markers
Corey L. Brelsfoard, Stephen L. Dobson
 D0591ISCA Technologies' CO2 generator: Comparing mechanical and programmable regulation of CO2
Reginald Coler, Agenor Mafra-Neto
 D0592Blood meal hosts of Culex tarsalis in Minnesota
Klaudyna Borewicz, Roger D. Moon, Ann M. Fallon
 D0593Insemination capacity of male Anopheles gambiae
AC. Rodriguez Lovejoy, R. Aldridge, WA. Foster
 D0594Effects of leaf litter diversity on container mosquitoes: Larval survival and oviposition
Michael H. Reiskind, Krystle van Sickler, L. Philip Lounibos
D0595State-wide monitoring of mosquito response to chemical insecticides in Florida
John L. Petersen
 D0596Comparison of behavioral responses of mosquitoes to host odors
Sandra A. Allan, Ulrich Bernier, Dan Kline
 D0597Still lurking in the wings: A survey of insect vectors of avian hemoparasites at the Fort Worth Zoo
Tracy L. Cyr, Katelyn Chalaire, Karen Snowden, Shannon T. Ferrell
 D0598Influence of multiple vector species on arbovirus transmission dynamics
Cynthia Lord
 D0599Characterizing hybridization of Culex complex mosquitoes implicated in West Nile transmission in Tennessee
S. Mukherjee, B. Huddleston, L. Mendenhall, J. Byrd, L. McMillen, A. C. Moncayo
 D0600Host selection by West Nile virus vectors: Effects of host density
Gabe Hamer, Uriel Kitron, Marilyn Ruiz, Jeff Brawn, Scott Loss, Tony Goldberg, Edward Walker
 D0601Prevalence of Aedes atropalpus and A. japonicus in riverine rockpools in Georgia and South Carolina
George F. O'Meara, Dulce M. Bustamante, Kendra N. Pesko
 D0602A natural bridged tricyclic sesquiterpene, isolongifolenone, is a repellent against blood-feeding arthropods
Aijun Zhang, Shifa Wang, Jerome Klun, John Carroll

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