Monday, December 11, 2006: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM

Exhibit Hall D (Convention Center)

Student Competition for the President's Prize Display Presentations, Section A3. Systematics, Morphology, and Evolution

D0010Phylogeny and biogeography of the Chinese mantis genus Tenodera (Mantodea: Mantidae)
Dana Jensen, Gavin Svenson, Whiting Michael
D0011Odonata diversity of the Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge: Using modeling to construct a species pool for a northern tall grass prairie
Inga M. Foster, Rodney Hanley
D0012Diversity of Tomoceridae (Collembola) in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Kelly L. Felderhoff, Ernest C. Bernard, J. Kevin Moulton
D0013Phylogenetics and biogeography of Hawaiian Ptycta (Psocodea: ‘Psocoptera': Psocidae)
Emilie Bess, Kevin P. Johnson
D0014A survey of Aphis spp. in the Midwestern States
Doris Lagos, David Voegtlin
D0015SPITNET: Spittlebug photo identification and taxonomy on the net
Joseph S. Richards, Jason R. Cryan
D0017Morphology, molecules, and the evolution of grass specialization in the leafhopper subfamily Deltocephalinae (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae) and related subfamilies
James N. Zahniser, Chris H. Dietrich
D0018Lygus genetics: Inter- and intraspecific mitochondrial genetic diversity in North America
Prasad S. Burange, Richard L. Roehrdanz, Mark A. Boetel
D0019Tarantulas in the south-central US: Systematics and phylogenetics of Aphonopelma hentzi
Elizabeth Murray, Ralph Charlton, Gregory Zolnerowich, Yoonseong Park

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