Sunday, December 10, 2006: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM

Room 117 (Convention Center)

Section D Symposium: Biology & Control of Sand Flies and Leishmaniasis

Organizer(s): Victoria B. Solberg,
1:30 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:35 PM0112Vector transmission of Leishmania in the United States: Endemic and potential emerging foci  [ Recorded presentation ]
Edgar Rowton,
1:55 PM0113Introduction and spread of visceral leishmaniasis in dogs in North America  [ Recorded presentation ]
Peter Schantz,
2:15 PM0114Molecular aspects of Leishmania transmission by sand flies
Shaden Kamhawi,, Phillip G. Lawyer,
2:35 PMBreak
2:45 PM0115Under-recognized ecology and physiology of reservoir sand rats and the effects of endectocides on the rodents  [ Recorded presentation ]
V. Michelle Chenault,, Carroll, P. Schnupp,, J. Allen Miller,, Victoria B. Solberg,
3:05 PM0116Treatment of a natural reservoir model to break the transmission cycle
Victoria B. Solberg,, V. Michelle Chenault, V.Chenault@FDA.HHS.Gov, Edgar Rowton, Lisa M. Jones
3:25 PM0117Evaluation of residual insecticides and long-lasting, insecticide-impregnated materials to control adult sand flies in Iraq and Kenya  [ Recorded presentation ]
Gabriela E. Zollner,, John L. Putnam, Jason H. Richardson, Russell Coleman
3:45 PM0118Deleterious effects of gregarine (Eugregarinorida) infections in laboratory sand fly colonies and methods for their control
Phillip G. Lawyer,, Tobin E. Rowland, Lisa M. Jones, Edgar Rowton
4:05 PMPhlebotomus papatasi salivary gland sequence variability and impact on defining vaccine candidates
Marchelo Ortigao,, Iliano Coutinho-Abreu,, Emad El-Din Y. Fawaz,, Shaaban S.I. El-Hossary,, David F. Hoel,, Hanafi A. Hanafi,, Mary Anne McDowell,

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