Monday, 15 November 2004: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Ballroom A (Salt Palace L-1)

Symposium: AIENA: New Frontiers in Pest Management -- Theory and Practice

Organizer(s): Ayanava Majumdar,
Nandi Nagaraj,
Sonny B. Ramaswamy,
1:00 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:05 PM0430Sex pheromone mating disruption: Commercial opportunities and obstacles
Thomas Baker,
1:22 PM0431Novel kairomone-related technologies enhance pheromone and/or insecticide based management of codling moth and corn rootworms  [ Recorded presentation ]
Bill Lingren,, Douglas Light,, Alan Knight,, Liliana Chicon, Dario Fernandez, Laurence Chandler,, Robert W. Behle,
1:39 PM0432Role of stakeholders in pest resistance management: Industry’s perspective on insect resistance management and its implementation
Caydee Savinelli,, Graham P. Head,, Gary D. Thompson,
1:56 PM0433Can biorationals compete with chemical insecticides? The crucifer flea beetle: A case study  [ Recorded presentation ]
Denise L. Olson,, Frank Boakye Antwi,, Janet J. Knodel,
2:13 PM0434HIPPO's: Possible new tools for enhancing conservation biological control  [ Recorded presentation ]
Tessa Grasswitz,, David G. James,
2:30 PM0435Integrated pest management and homeland security  [ Recorded presentation ]
Alan Dowdy,
2:47 PMBreak
2:57 PM0436Development of the SmartBox system and its role in precision agriculture
John Immaraju,
3:14 PM0437Perimeter treatments: A new treatment paradigm for subterranean termite control  [ Recorded presentation ]
Robert Davis,, Mark A. Coffelt,
3:31 PM0438Response by fall armyworm and western bean cutworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to Herculex I and YieldGard corn  [ Recorded presentation ]
Robert Bowling,, Bonnie B. Pendleton,, Roxanne Bowling,
3:48 PM0439Honey bees and pest management: Vectors of entomopathogens and other interactions  [ Recorded presentation ]
Gary J. Brewer,
4:05 PM0440Toward prescription planting of Bt corn: Using yield monitor data from Bt strip-planted corn fields to map chronic European corn borer damage hot-spots  [ Recorded presentation ]
Thomas W. Sappington,
4:22 PM0441Product stewardship and regulatory challenges for future transgenic insect control products in corn  [ Recorded presentation ]
Paula Davis,, James Bing,, Larry Zeph,, Penny Hunst,
4:39 PM0442Extending the promise of biotechnology to resource-poor farmers in developing countries
C.S. Prakash,

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