25- Graduate Student Ten-Minute Paper Competition: SysEB

Monday, November 11, 2013: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Meeting Room 6 B (Austin Convention Center)
Seth M. Bybee
Alejandro A. Calixto
Ryan Caesar

8:00 AM
Welcoming Remarks
8:03 AM
Past, present and future: phylogeny of Odonata
Haley Cahill Wightman, Brigham Young University ; Seth M. Bybee, Brigham Young University ; Michael F. Whiting, Brigham Young University ; David Morris, Brigham Young University
8:15 AM
An automated system for identifying dragonflies (Odonata: Anisoptera) from wings
William R. Kuhn, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey ; Nidhi Dharithreesan, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey ; Gareth Russell, New Jersey Institute of Technology
8:51 AM
The good, the brown, and the ugly: Biogeography of little brown wasps (Hymenoptera: Chyphotidae)
Emily A. Sadler, Utah State University ; James P. Pitts, Utah State University
9:15 AM
A new look at an old problem:  Resolving the Peristenus pallipes complex using a multigene approach
Miles Zhang, University of Manitoba ; Henri Goulet, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ; Barbara J. Sharanowski, University of Manitoba
9:27 AM
9:37 AM
9:49 AM
Systematics, host plants and life histories of Phyllocnistis species on citrus (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Phyllocnistinae)
Qianju Jia, University of Florida, McGuire Center for Lepidoptera & Biodiversity ; Akito Kawahara, University of Maryland ; Moneen Jones, University of Illinois ; Philip A. Stansly, University of Florida
10:13 AM
Genetic characterization of turf infesting sod webworms and their host associations
Devon Rogers, The Ohio State University ; David Shetlar, The Ohio State University ; Steven Passoa, USDA Agricultural Plant Health Inspection Service
10:25 AM
A molecular phylogeny of deer flies and their closest relatives
Mauren Turcatel, North Carolina State University ; Brian Wiegmann, North Carolina State University
10:37 AM
Prospects for using transcriptomic data to expand the evidence for family level relationships in Calyptratae (Diptera)
Keith M. Bayless, North Carolina State University ; Michelle Trautwein, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences ; Brian Wiegmann, North Carolina State University
10:49 AM
Population genomic analysis of isolation within the African malaria vector Anopheles melas
Kevin C Deitz, Texas A&M University ; Daniel E Neafsey, Broad Institute ; Musa Jawara, Medical Research Council Laboratories, Fajara ; Abrahan Matias, Medical Care Development International ; Nora J Besansky, University of Notre Dame ; Michel A Slotman, Texas A&M University
11:01 AM
Concluding Remarks