Member Symposium: How Cool is Entomology?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
Meeting Room 16 A (Austin Convention Center)
Brian G. Rector
Theresa L. Pitts-Singer

1:30 PM
Screwworms eating living flesh – not just another Halloween tale
S. R. Skoda, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
1:55 PM
Ant nest architecture: pioneering your own scientific field
Walter R. Tschinkel, Florida State University
2:20 PM
Drugs, aliens, and bold border crossings
Lee A. Dyer, University of Nevada, Reno
2:45 PM
Amazing adaptive behaviors of insects in your home: How cockroaches find mates in your kitchen, groom more than you do, and benefit from snubbing sugars
Coby Schal, North Carolina State University ; Ayako Wada-Katsumata, North Carolina State University ; Jules Silverman, North Carolina State University
3:10 PM
What’s in 5000 insect genomes?
Susan Brown, Center for Genomic Studies on Arthropods Affecting Human Animal and Plant Health, Kansas State University
3:35 PM
4:25 PM
Ant and Honeybee Colonies as Inspiration for Robotic Swarms
Spring Berman, Arizona State University
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