Member Symposium: Integrated Insect Omics: From Transcriptomics to Interactomics

Wednesday, November 13, 2013: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
Meeting Room 19 A (Austin Convention Center)
Praveen Mamidala
Omprakash Mittapalli
Daniel Doucet

1:50 PM
Comparative transcriptomics of three ash species
Praveen Mamidala, The Ohio State University, OARDC ; Xiaodong Bai, The Ohio State University ; Loren Rivera-Vega, The Ohio State University, OARDC ; Pierluigi Bonello, The Ohio State University ; Daniel A. Herms, The Ohio State University, OARDC ; Omprakash Mittapalli, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology
2:10 PM
The Interactomics of Host-Plant Resistance to the Soybean Aphid
Andrew Michel, The Ohio State University, OARDC
2:30 PM
Genomics of the mountain pine beetle
Christopher Keeling, University of British Columbia
3:10 PM
Next-generation digestomics research in termites
Michael E Scharf, University of Florida
3:50 PM
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