ESA Annual Meetings Online Program

Ten-Minute Papers, SysEB: Systematics I

Tuesday, November 15, 2011: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room A3, First Floor (Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
Organizer :
Jason R. Cryan
Anthony I. Cognato
Scott Gordon

8:05 AM
What can morphology offer in the era of molecular phylogenetics? Assembling the beetle tree of life using morphological data
John F. Lawrence, CSIRO Entomology ; Adam Slipinski, CSIRO Entomology ; Ainsley E. Seago, CSIRO Entomology
8:29 AM
8:41 AM
How many undescribed tropical beetles are out there: an insight from two obscure Neotropical taxa (Histeridae: Exosternini and Haeteriinae)
Alexey K. Tishechkin, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History ; Michael S. Caterino, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
8:53 AM
DNA identification of bark beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae)
Anthony I. Cognato, Michigan State University ; Rachel L. O'Donnell Olson, Michigan State University ; Sarah M. Smith, Michigan State University ; Bjarte Jordal, University of Bergen
9:05 AM
Systematics and biology of the invasive Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire (emerald ash borer) and its relatives
Maria Lourdes Chamorro, USDA, Systematic Entomology Laboratory (SEL) ; Steve W. Lingafelter, USDA, Systematic Entomology Laboratory (SEL) ; Robert A. Haack, USDA - Forest Service ; Therese M. Poland, USDA - Forest Service ; Mark G. Volkovitsh, Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences ; Eduard Jendek, Canadian Food Inspection Agency ; Vasily Grebennikov, Canadian Food Inspection Agency ; Alexander S Konstantinov, USDA, Systematic Entomology Laboratory (SEL) ; Toby R. Petrice, USDA - Forest Service ; Ying Zhang, Sino-American Biological Control Laboratory ; Hongyin Chen, Sino-American Biological Control Laboratory ; Darcy Nelson, USDA - Forest Service ; Yang Song, Southwest Forestry University ; Norman E Woodley, USDA, Systematic Entomology Laboratory (SEL) ; Hui Ye ; Runzhi Zhang, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
9:17 AM
Hobby collections as a threat to rare species: the example of stag beetles in Japan
Franck Courchamp, CNRS - Université Paris Sud XI ; Pierline Tournant, Univ. Franche-Comté ; Liana N. Joseph, Wildlife Conservation Society ; Koichi Goka, National Institute for Environmental Studies
9:29 AM
Some bionomics of jumping bristletails (Microcoryphia) and discussion of a new species (Hypomachilodes forthaysi) from Kansas
Richard J. Packauskas, Fort Hays State University ; Ryan M. Shofner, Fort Hays State University
9:41 AM
Enhancing identification of the genus Melanagromyza from California (Diptera: Agromyzidae)
Li Shi, Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch ; Stephen D. Gaimari, Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch
9:53 AM
10:03 AM
Systematic relationships of Hyposmocoma, Hawaii's most ecologically diverse lineage
Daniel Rubinoff, University of Hawaii ; Akito Kawahara, University of Hawaii
10:39 AM
What is Lyrcus (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)?
Gary AP. Gibson, Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes
11:03 AM
A broad-scale survey of nuclear mitochondrial pseudogenes in Orthoptera (Insecta)
Hojun Song, University of Central Florida ; Matthew J. Moulton, Brigham Young University ; Michael Whiting, Brigham Young University
11:15 AM
A molecular phylogeny for Yponomeutoidea (Lepidoptera: Ditrysia): new light on phylogenetic relationships and insect-plant interactions in basal ditrysian Lepidoptera
Jae-Cheon Sohn, University of Maryland ; Don Davis, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian ; Charles Mitter, University of Maryland ; Jerome C. Regier, University of Maryland ; Michael Cummings, University of Maryland
11:27 AM
Darwin’s error: implications for insect taxonomy
KG. Andrew Hamilton, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Biodiversity
11:39 AM
The Paleoptera problem revisited
T. Heath Ogden, Utah Valley University ; Michael Simons, Utah Valley University