The Larry L. Larson Symposium: Development of New Products for Management of Insect Pests

Tuesday, December 14, 2010: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Windsor (Town and Country Hotel and Convention Center)
Organizer :
Mike P. Tolley
Luis Gomez
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:15 AM
Field trial performance of the SmartStax TM refuge-in-a-bag concept
William H. Hendrix, Dow AgroSciences; Craig Chism, Monsanto; Nicholas Storer, Dow AgroSciences; Graham P. Head, Monsanto Company; Patti Prasifka, Dow AgroSciences; Todd DeGooyer, Monsanto Company - C3NG
8:35 AM
DuPont Cyazypyr TM insecticide (DPX-HGW86, cyantraniliprole): unique product for premium pest control and agronomic plant protection
I. Billy Annan, DuPont Crop Protection; Hector E. Portillo, DuPont Crop Protection; Mark E. Thompson, DuPont Central Research and Develoment
8:55 AM
Biological attributes of Cyazypyr TM (DPX-HGW86), cyantraniliprole): a novel cross-spectrum anthranilic diamide insecticide
Hector E. Portillo, DuPont Crop Protection; I. Billy Annan, DuPont Crop Protection; Albert E. Lund, DuPont Crop Protection
9:15 AM
Laboratory characterization of Sulfoxaflor, a novel sulfoxamine insecticide
Jon Babcock, Dow AgroSciences; B. Clifford Gerwick, Dow AgroSciences; Xinpei Huang, Corteva Agriscience; Donald Kelley, Dow AgroSciences; Michael R. Loso, Dow AgroSciences; Genta Nakamura, Dow AgroSciences; Thomas C. Sparks, Dow AgroSciences; Jamey Thomas, Dow AgroSciences; Brian Waldman, Dow AgroSciences; Gerald B. Watson, Dow AgroSciences; Cathy Young, Dow AgroSciences
9:35 AM
Field efficacy of Sulfoxaflor, a novel sulfoximine insecticide from Dow AgroSciences, against sap feeding insects
Jamey Thomas, Dow AgroSciences; Melissa Willrich Siebert, Dow AgroSciences; Jesse M. Richardson, Dow AgroSciences; Anthony W. Weiss, Dow AgroSciences; Barat Bisabri, Dow AgroSciences; Boris A. Castro, Dow AgroSciences; Harvey A. Yoshida, Dow AgroSciences; Brian D. Olson, Dow AgroSciences, LLC; Ralph B. Lassiter, Dow AgroSciences; Patti Prasifka, Dow AgroSciences; Larry Walton, Dow AgroSciences; James P. Mueller, Dow AgroSciences; John Richburg,
9:55 AM
10:10 AM
Spinosad as a new tool for storage grain pests
Luis Gomez, Dow AgroSciences; Doris Paroonagian, Dow AgroSciences; Mark B. Hertlein, Dow AgroSciences; Nick Simmons, Dow AgroSciences; Bhadriraju Subramanyam, Kansas State University; Cheryl Cleveland, Dow AgroSciences; Paul Downard, Dow Agrosciences
10:30 AM
Natular TM extended release formulations for mosquito larvae control
Michael D. Willis, Clarke; Marie Saunders, Clarke
10:50 AM
Two novel soil microorganisms demonstrate insecticidal activity againts major agricultural pests
Timothy Johnson, Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.; Lisa J. Chanbusarakum, Marrone Bio Innovations; Marja E Koivunen, Marrone Bio Innovations; Anne Murray, Marrone Bio Innovations; Pamela G. Marrone, Marrone Bio Innovations
11:10 AM
Requiem TM: a novel plant extract-based insecticide for crop pest management
Paul Walgenbach, AgraQuest, Inc; Dennis Long, AgraQuest, Inc; Nate Royalty, AgraQuest, Inc
11:50 AM
Concluding Remarks
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