Ten-Minute Papers, SEB: Molecules, Ecology and Biodiversity

Tuesday, December 15, 2009: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Room 103, First Floor (Convention Center)
Richard Zack
Sibyl R. Bucheli
1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM
Identification of death-scene maggot using modern molecular techniques
Rekha Ragavendra, Sam Houston State University; Sibyl R. Bucheli, Sam Houston State University; Christopher P. Randle, Sam Houston State University
1:47 PM
The genetic basis of interspecies host preference differences in the model parasitoid, Nasonia
Christopher A. Desjardins, University of Rochester; John Werren, University of Rochester
1:59 PM
Genetic differentiation in clones of the parthenogenetic springtail, Folsomia candida
Rosanna Giordano, University of Illinois, Illinois Natural History Survey; Spencer Johnston, Texas A&M University; James B. Nardi, University of Illinois; Paul Henning Krogh, National Environmental Research Institute; Felipe N. Soto-Adames, University of Illinois
2:23 PM
Geographic population structure of the specialist parasitoid, Hyposter horticola, and its hyperparasitoid, Mesochorus sp. cf. Stigmaticus, in the Ă…land Islands, Finland
Melaina Macone, Texas A&M University; Saskya van Nouhuys, University of Helsinki; Raul F. Medina, Texas A&M University
2:47 PM
The relationship between color pattern and feeding behavior in three species of leafhoppers
Arash Rashed, Texas A&M University; Joyce Kwan, University of California-Berkeley; Rodrigo Almeida, University of California
2:59 PM
Diversity of riparian and green ash feeding moths in central New York
Peter J. Rockermann, SUNY-ESF; Melissa K. Fierke, State University of New York; Dylan Parry, State University of New York
3:11 PM
3:23 PM
Differential effect of water removal on endemic and introduced aquatic insects in a tropical, torrential habitat
Megan Shoda, University of Dayton; Kathleen Gorbach, University of Dayton; Albert Burky, University of Dayton; M. Eric Benbow, University of Dayton
3:35 PM
Necrophagous insect and microbial community assembly variation in a Midwest forest
Andrew Lewis, University of Dayton; M.C. Berg, University of Dayton; Sandra Tilton, University of Dayton; M. Eric Benbow, University of Dayton
3:47 PM
The effects of man-made disturbance (Anthropogenic) as a functional implication on Orthopteran assemblage in Zontan
Shahenda Ali Abu ElEla, Kanazawa University; Koji Nakamura, Kanazawa University; Wael Mahmoud ElSayed, Kanazawa University
4:35 PM
Concluding Remarks