Student Competition for the President's Prize Display Presentations, Section IPMIS2. Integrative Physiological and Molecular Insect Systems

Monday, November 17, 2008: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM
Exhibit Hall 3, First Floor (Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
Patterns of interactions between mechanisms of insecticide resistance
Melissa C. Hardstone, Cornell University; Jeffrey Scott, Cornell University
Temperature stress, superoxide dismutase activity and virus acquisition in Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)
Mudassar A. Khan, University of St. Thomas; Arsalan Shah, University of St. Thomas; Niloufar Aghakasiri, University of St. Thomas; Robert G. Shatters, USDA-ARS; Cindy McKenzie, USDA - ARS; Rosemarie C. Rosell, University of St. Thomas
Expressed sequence tag analysis of the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias Henriot (Acari: Phytoseiidae)
Ju-Lin Weng, Kansas State University; David C. Margolies, Kansas State University; Yoonseong Park, Kansas State University
Regulation of Heliothis virescens innate immune responses to the endoparasitoid Campoletis sonorensis
Tyasning Kroemer, Iowa State University; Kent S. Shelby, USDA - ARS; Holly J. Popham, USDA-ARS; Bruce Webb, University of Kentucky
Influence of socio-environmental conditions on gene expression in R. flavipes termites
Matthew R. Tarver, University of Florida; Michael E. Scharf, Purdue University
Expression patterns and functional analysis of two chitin synthase genes in African malaria mosquito (Anopheles gambiae)
Xin Zhang, Kansas State University; Jianzhen Zhang, Kansas State University; Kun-Yan Zhu, Kansas State University
Susceptibility of European and Asian corn borers (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) to Bacillus thuringiensis toxins
Sek Yee Tan, Dow AgroSciences; Blair D. Siegfried, University of Nebraska; Yusof B. Ibrahim, Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education, Sultan Idris Education University
Comparative study on enzyme activities and cDNA sequences of Bacillus thuringiensis-resistance related genes between Cry1Ab -susceptible and -resistant strains of Diatraea saccharalis
Yunlong Yang, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center; Yu Cheng Zhu, USDA - ARS; James Ottea, Louisiana State University; Claudia Husseneder, Louisiana State University; B. Rogers Leonard, Louisiana State University; Craig A. Abel, USDA-ARS; Fangneng Huang, Louisiana State University
Identification of growth factors stimulated by Heliothis virescens midgut regenerative response to Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ac intoxication
Anaïs Castagnola, University of Tennessee; Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes, University of Tennessee