Student Competition for the President's Prize, Section SVPHS2. Structural, Veterinary, and Public Health Systems

Monday, November 17, 2008: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
Room E1, First Floor (Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
E.N. Jones
Nancy C. Hinkle
8:30 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:35 AM
Integration of irradiation and cytoplasmic incompatibility to facilitate a lymphatic filariasis vector elimination approach
Corey L. Brelsfoard, University of Kentucky; Ali Soleimani-Meigooni, University of Kentucky; William St. Clair, University of Kentucky; Stephen Dobson, University of Kentucky
8:47 AM
The effect of long and short-distance lures in the attraction of the blood-sucking bugs Triatoma dimidiata and Rhodnius prolixus (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)
Marc Milne, Old Dominion University; Philipp Kirsch, APTIV; Daniel E. Sonenshine, Old Dominion University; Elizabeth Ross, Old Dominion University
8:59 AM
Characterization of life-shortening Wolbachia infection in Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito)
Eunho Suh, University of Kentucky; Yuqing Fu, University of Kentucky; David R. Mercer, University of Kentucky; Stephen L. Dobson, University of Kentucky
9:23 AM
Pattern classification of movement behaviors of indicator specimens using permutation entropy after treatments with Diazinon
Mu Qiao, Pusan National University; Yang Liu, Pusan National University; Young-Hae Do, Kyungpook National University; Hun Ki Baek, Kyungpook National University; Jeong-Joon Kim, Kyungpook National University; Tae-Soo Chon, Pusan National University
9:35 AM
Seasonal host switching by mosquitoes may drive arbovirus epizootics
Nathan Burkett-Cadena, Auburn University; Micky Eubanks, Texas A&M University; Hassan Hassan, University of South Florida; Thomas R. Unnasch, University of South Florida
9:47 AM
9:59 AM
Genetic identification and environmental modeling of Borrelia pathogens isolated from Arkansas ticks and mammals
Rebecca T Trout, University of California, Davis; CD. Steelman, University of Arkansas; A. L. Szalanski, University of Arkansas; Kenneth Kvamme, University of Arkansas; Phillip Williamson, University of North Texas Health Science Center
10:11 AM
Assessing the impact of density-dependence on a natural population of Aedes aegypti larvae
Rachael K. Walsh, North Carolina State University; Luca Facchinelli, University of California, Davis; Janine Ramsey Willoquet, Centro Regional de Investigaciòn en Salud Pùblica/CISEI, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública; J. Guillermo Bond Compeán, Centro Regional de Investigaciòn en Salud Pùblica/CISEI, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública; Fred Gould, North Carolina State University
10:23 AM
Using incidence rates and spatial analyses to identify areas for targeted interventions of La Crosse encephalitis in West Virginia, 2003 – 2007
Andrew D. Haddow, University of Tennessee; E.N. Jones, University of Tennessee; Reid R. Gerhardt, University of Tennessee; Humbert Zappia, West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources; Agricola Odoi, University of Tennessee
10:35 AM
Water agitation: A stimulus for egg hatching of Anopheles gambiae
Babak Ebrahimi, The Ohio State University; Woodbridge Foster, The Ohio State University
10:47 AM
Larval rearing temperature affects susceptibility of Aedes albopictus to chikungunya virus
Catherine J. Westbrook, USDA - ARS; Michael H. Reiskind, University of Florida; Kendra N. Pesko, University of Florida; Krystle Greene, University of Florida; L. Philip Lounibos, University of Florida
10:59 AM
Olfactory conditioning of Anopheles dirus (Peyton & Harrison 1979) (Diptera: Culicidae) to a sugar-meal
Michelle R. Sanford, Texas A&M University; Pradya Somboon, Chiang Mai University; Jeffery Tomberlin, Texas A&M University; Randy Olson, Texas A&M University