Display Presentations, Integrative Physiological and Molecular Insect Systems Section

Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 7:00 AM-1:30 PM
Exhibit Hall 3, First Floor (Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
Impact of ascorbic acid fortification on the effectiveness of biological control agents
Thomas A. Coudron, USDA - ARS; Holly J. Popham, USDA-ARS; Kent S. Shelby, USDA - ARS
Expression of Coptotermes formosanus endogenous cellulase gene in E. coli
Dunhua Zhang, USDA - ARS; Alan R. Lax, USDA-ARS-SRRC; Ashok K. Raina, USDA-ARS, Southern Regional Research Center; John M. Bland, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
Toxicity of heteropteran 2-alkenals and their derivatives
Koji Noge, University of Arizona; Judith X. Becerra, University of Arizona
Olfactory perception in Drosophila melanogaster changes according to environmental temperature
Jacob Riverón, University of Oviedo; Tamara Boto, University of Oviedo; Esther Alcorta, University of Oviedo
Analysis and functional annotation of expressed sequence tags from the aquatic midge (Chironomus tentans)
Kun-Yan Zhu, Kansas State University; Xiuwei Li, Kansas State University; Sharon Starkey, Kansas State University
Identification of picorna-like viruses in multiple insect taxa
Danielle M. Tufts, University of Texas at Tyler
Programmed cell death in intestinal cells of Bombyx mori during metamorphosis: Morphological observation of autophagy and apoptosis and expression of the ecdysone-regulated genes
Qing-Rong Li, South China Agricultural University; Yan-Xia Shi, South China Agricultural University; Xiao-Juan Deng, South China Agricultural University; Wan-Ying Yang, South China Agricultural University; Wen-nian Zeng, South China Agricultural University; Ya-dong Huang, Jinan University; Qili Feng, South China Normal University; Yang Cao, South China Agricultural University
Functional divergence and patterns of inductive expression of three multi-gene families of antimicrobial peptides in the silkworm, Bombyx mori
Ming-qiang Ye, South China Agricultural University; Ya-dong Huang, Jinan University; Yang Cao, South China Agricultural University
Antennnal and behavioral responses of Anastrepha suspensa (Diptera: Tephritidae) to a series of homologous terminal diamines
Paul E. Kendra, USDA-ARS; Nancy D. Epsky, USDA - ARS; Wayne S. Montgomery, USDA - ARS; Robert R. Heath, USDA - ARS
Molecular and behavioral study of olfactory responses in the proboscis of malaria vector mosquito Anopheles gambiae
Hyung-Wook Kwon, Vanderbilt University; Laurence J. Zwiebel, Vanderbilt University
Gene silencing in Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus
Kevin B. Temeyer, USDA - ARS; Mary Tijerina, USDA-ARS, Cattle Fever Tick Research Laboratory; J. Mat Pound, Knipling-Bushland U. S. Livestock Insects Research Laboratory; Ronald B. Davey, USDA - ARS; Pia Olafson, USDA, Agricultural Research Service; Robert J. Miller, USDA - ARS; Andrew C. Chen, USDA-ARS
Genome-wide search and characterization of chitinase gene family in African malaria mosquito (Anopheles gambiae)
Jianzhen Zhang, Shanxi University; Xin Zhang, Kansas State University; Kun-Yan Zhu, Kansas State University
Gene expression patterns in flea vectors of Yersinia pestis
Wei Zhou, Brigham Young University; Richard Mortensen, Brigham Young University; Kaitlyn Mitchell, Brigham Young University; Crawford W. Johnson, Brigham Young University; David Erickson, Brigham Young University
Gene expression of esterases in Dendroctonus valens LeConte (Curculionidae: Scolytinae) exposed to α-pinene
Zulema Gómez, Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas-IPN; Gerardo Zuñiga, Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biologicas-IPN
The effects of flight experience and fat depletion on the pioneer host selection behavior of an aggregating bark beetle
Wyatt Williams, Colorado State University; Ian Robertson, Boise State University
Role of ETH receptors in ecdysis
Sonali Anantprakash Deshpande, University of California, Riverside; Young-Joon Kim, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology; Dusan Zitnan, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Michael E. Adams, University of California, Riverside
Sex pheromonal information processing in interspecies antennal imaginal disc transplants
Seong-Gyu Lee, University of Utah; Kathy Poole, Cornell University; Charles E. Linn, Cornell University; Neil J Vickers, University of Utah
A new paradigm in insect development and metamorphosis: Multiple farnesoid hormones with independent receptors
Davy Jones, University of Kentucky; Grace Jones, University of Kentucky; Peter E. A. Teal, USDA - ARS; Shane Byrne, University of Kentucky; Courtney Sandifer, University of Kentucky
Functional analysis of Phe-259 and Thr-314 within the substrate binding pocket of the JH esterase of Manduca sexta
Shizuo G. Kamita, UC Davis; Mark D. Wogulis, University of California, Davis; Christopher S. Law, University of California, Davis; Christophe Morisseau, University of California, Davis; Huazhang Huang, University of California, Davis; Bruce D. Hammock, University of California, Davis
Exposure of vertebrate stem cell line to insect juvenile hormone-like compounds
Yan Li, University of Kentucky; Grace Jones, University of Kentucky; Davy Jones, University of Kentucky; Austin Cooney, Baylor College of Medicine
Identification of hexamerin core promoter elements necessary for specific transcriptional synergism between juvenile hormone and 20-OH ecdysone
Ying Wu, University of Kentucky; Grace Jones, University of Kentucky; Davy Jones, University of Kentucky; Shane Byrne, University of Kentucky; Amie Chan, University of Kentucky; Deborah L. Miller, University of Kentucky
Mutagenic analysis of the transcriptional contribution of motifs in the core promoter of the juvenile hormone esterase gene
Anna Niewiadomska, University of Kentucky/Wroclaw Univ Technology; Grace Jones, University of Kentucky; Davy Jones, University of Kentucky; Marian Kochman, Wroclaw University of Technology
Farnesoid binding to the invertebrate nuclear receptor ultraspiracle (RXR): Mutational analysis of the ligand binding pocket
Li Ye, University of Kentucky; Grace Jones, University of Kentucky; Davy Jones, University of Kentucky
UMBI’s insect transformation facility: Facilitating the use of insect genetic modification technologies
Robert A. Harrell, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute; Channa Aluvihare, University of Maryland Insect Transformation Facility; David O'Brochta, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
Gliding simulations of a butterfly wing and potential applications to Danaus plexippus (Lepidoptera: Danaidae) migration
Cornelia Becker, University of Kansas; Orley R. Taylor, University of Kansas; Wonjin Jin, University of Kansas; David Alexander, University of Kansas
Fitness estimates for Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois) (Heteroptera: Miridae) on the NI diet and modification on the NI diet
Maribel Portilla, USDA - ARS; Doug Streett, ARS-USDA National Biological Control Laboratory
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