0558 Systematics and phylogeny of Leptomorphus (Diptera: Mycetophilidae)

Monday, November 17, 2008: 9:53 AM
Room A3, First Floor (Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
Christopher J. Borkent , Department of Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, Canada
Terry A. Wheeler , Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University, Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, Canada
The mycetophilid fly genus Leptomorphus Curtis is known from all biogeographic regions except Australasia and Antarctica, with current centers of diversity in central Africa and northeastern North America. At present the genus contains 28 extant species placed in four subgenera. No phylogenetic hypothesis of the relationships between the species and subgenera has been proposed to date as a revision of the genus was first believed necessary. Here I report the results of a worldwide revision of this genus, along with the first phylogeny of the species relationships, based on morphology. A number of new species were discovered and the resulting change to the distribution of the genus is discussed. The validity of the proposed subgenera, along with questionable generic and species synonymizations, is determined in light of this new phylogenetic information. The placement of Leptomorphus with respect to other genera in the tribe Sciophilini is also discussed.

doi: 10.1603/ICE.2016.38561