Wednesday, December 13, 2006: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Room 212 (Convention Center)

Ten-Minute Papers, Section Cd. Behavior and Ecology, Cf. Quantitative Ecology

Moderator(s): Alvin M. Simmons
Rizana M. Mahroof
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:05 AM1068Effect of soil type and moisture on adult eclosion of Swede midge (Contarinia nasturtii)
Mao Chen, Anthony Shelton, Jianzhou Zhao
8:17 AM1069Pollen feeding by the boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) following cotton harvest in Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas  [ Recorded presentation ]
Sasha M. Greenberg, Gretchen Jones, Frank Eischen, John J. Adamczyk, Mamoudou Setamou
8:29 AM1070Population parameters of the chilli thrips, (Scirtothrips dorsalli) in various crops  [ Recorded presentation ]
Dakshina Seal, Waldemar Klassen
8:41 AM1071Population abundance and within plant distribution of Frankliniella species (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in cotton
Enoch A. Osekre, David L. Wright, Jim Marois, Daniel Mailhot
8:53 AM1072Monitoring the SIT by identification of sterile and wild sperm in mated females of the Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis  [ Recorded presentation ]
Donald McInnis, Jason Komatsu
9:05 AM1073New emerging pest in the Pacific Northwest: The invasive potato tuberworm  [ Recorded presentation ]
Silvia Rondon, George Clough, Sandra DeBano, Philip Hamm, Andrew Jensen
9:17 AM1074A fall-seeded rye cover crop for insect pest suppression in soybean: Efficacy and potential mechanisms  [ Recorded presentation ]
R. L. Koch, George E. Heimpel, P. M. Porter, Bruce D. Potter, David W. Ragsdale, Karrie A. Koch, D. Barta
9:29 AM1075Pre-plant host reservoir removal prevents severe infestations of cassava by Stictococcus vayssierei in Central Africa
Rachid Hanna, Maurice Tindo, Georg Goergen, Antoine Nguenkam
9:41 AM1076Immature Delphastus catalinae: Influence of relative humidity on survival  [ Recorded presentation ]
Alvin M. Simmons, Jesusa Crisostomo Legaspi
9:53 AMBreak
10:05 AM1077Efficacy of Ecotrol EC and Muscle against hybrid imported fire ants
Samuel Ochieng, Francis Adjei-Afriyie
10:17 AM1078Effect on oviposition preference, survival, and longevity of the cigarette beetle, Lasioderma serricorne (F.) as influenced by food resources
Rizana M. Mahroof, Thomas W. Phillips
10:29 AM1079A tick-borne disease metapopulation model  [ Recorded presentation ]
Holly Gaff, Louis Gross
10:41 AM1080Methods to evaluate environmental effects vs. spatial constrains in insect metapopulations  [ Recorded presentation ]
Takehiko Yamanaka, Ottar Bjørnstad
10:53 AM1081Diffusion and populations: How well do diffusion equations explain aphid population dynamics?  [ Recorded presentation ]
Vasile Catana, Norman Elliott, Kris Giles, Mpho Phoofolo
11:05 AM1082Simulation of oviposition deterrence in the management of resistance by Ostrinia nubilalis to transgenic insecticidal corn  [ Recorded presentation ]
David Onstad, Larry Buschman
11:17 AM1083Resistance management for the European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in Bt corn with oviposition deterrence  [ Recorded presentation ]
Larry Buschman, David Onstad
11:29 AM1084Effects of tritrophic interactions on the evolution of resistance to Bt toxin Cry1Ac: Entomopathogenic nematodes, gossypol, and Bt-resistant pink bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)  [ Recorded presentation ]
Aaron J. Gassmann, S. Patricia Stock, Yves Carrière, Bruce E. Tabashnik
11:41 AM1085Adjustments for removing background responses and variable exposure scenarios from dose-response models and their impact on the response variances  [ Recorded presentation ]
Bruce H. Stanley

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