Monday, December 11, 2006: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM

Room 206 (Convention Center)

Student Competition for the President's Prize, Section Cd3. Behavior and Ecology

Moderator(s): Daniel M. Pavuk
John Tooker
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:35 AM0355Sampling natural enemies in soybean  [ Recorded presentation ]
Nicholas P. Schmidt, Matthew E. O'Neal
8:47 AM0356Landscape complexity impacts soybean aphid biological control
Mary M. Gardiner, Nicholas P. Schmidt, Emily Mueller, Jeremy Chacon, Doug A. Landis, Matthew E. O'Neal, Christina DiFonzo, Claudio Gratton, George E. Heimpel, Michael J. Brewer
8:59 AM0357Variation in electrophysiological responses of Bracon cephi to the position of plant volatile collections from wheat plants infested with wheat stem sawfly, Cephus cinctus (Cephidae)  [ Recorded presentation ]
Oscar G. Pérez, David K. Weaver, Perry R. Miller, Wendell L. Morrill
9:11 AM0358The population distribution and effects of entomopathogenic nematodes in pistachio orchards  [ Recorded presentation ]
Amanda K Hodson, Edwin E. Lewis, Joel P. Siegel, Glen Stevens
9:23 AM0359Spatial pattern of habitat impacts oviposition pattern of red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum) over multiple scales  [ Recorded presentation ]
Susan Romero, James Campbell, James Nechols
9:35 AM0360Reproductive tactics of aphidophagous ladybirds: Comparison of a native species and an invasive species that is displacing  [ Recorded presentation ]
Yukie Kajita, Edward Evans, Theresa Pitts-Singer
9:47 AM0361Assessing the non-target impacts of introduced parasitoids on Hawaiian leafroller moths (Crambidae: Omiodes)
Cynthia B. A. King, Daniel Z. Rubinoff
9:59 AMBreak
10:11 AM0362Superparasitism, host discrimination and ovicide by Metaphycus flavus (Howard) an endoparasitoid of Coccus hesperidum L  [ Recorded presentation ]
Alejandro Tena, Apostolos Kapranas, Robert Luck, Ferran Garcia-Marí
10:23 AM0363Compensatory foraging strategy of red imported fire ants Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) after exposure to dipteran parasitoids Pseudacteon tricuspis  [ Recorded presentation ]
Robert Puckett, Marvin K. Harris, Charles L. Barr
10:35 AM0364Variation in positive species interactions: The effects of fire ants on old field arthropod communities  [ Recorded presentation ]
Kevin Rice, Micky D. Eubanks
10:47 AM0365Impact of invasive Argentine ants and native odorous house ants on a field population of the black citrus aphid (Toxoptera aurantii) on holly
B. E. Powell, John Brightwell, Jules Silverman
10:59 AM0366Carabid succession along a corridor through Southeastern Ohio (USA) forest  [ Recorded presentation ]
Bareena Silverman, David J. Horn, Foster F. Purrington, Kamal J. K. Gandhi
11:11 AM0367Do trichome-covered fecal cases protect Neochlamisus leaf beetle larvae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from arthropod predators? A test of multiple mechanisms using N. platani  [ Recorded presentation ]
Christopher G. Brown, Daniel J. Funk

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