Tuesday, December 12, 2006: 7:30 PM-10:00 PM

Room 116 (Convention Center)

Symposium: IOBC Symposium and Reception Best Practices in Classical Biological Control

Organizer(s): George E. Heimpel, heimp001@umn.edu
7:30 PMDo Varying Natural Enemy Assemblages Impact Aphis Glycines Population Dynamics?  [ Recorded presentation ]
A. C. Costamagna, Doug A. Landis, landisd@msu.edu
7:50 PMIOBC-NRS Business Meeting
8:20 PMDistinguished Scientist Award  [ Recorded presentation ]
8:35 PMGraduate Student Award
8:50 PM0945Ethics and best practices in biological control  [ Recorded presentation ]
Ernest Delfosse, esd@ars.usda.gov
9:10 PM0946Best practices in assessing host ranges for parasitoids  [ Recorded presentation ]
Roy Van Driesche, vandries@nre.umass.edu
9:30 PM0947Best practices in biological control: A New Zealand perspective  [ Recorded presentation ]
Barbara Barratt, barbara.barratt@agresearch.co.nz, Abdul Moeed
9:50 PM0948Will a "best practices certificate" facilitate biocontrol? The devil is in the details
Russell Messing, messing@hawaii.edu
10:10 PM0949An NRS-IOBC best-practices certificate  [ Recorded presentation ]
George E. Heimpel, heimp001@umn.edu
10:30 PMMixer

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