Tuesday, December 12, 2006: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM

Room 110 (Convention Center)

Symposium: Digital Entomological Resources (Teaching Symposium)

Organizer(s): W. Wyatt Hoback, hobackww@unk.edu
M. O. Way, moway@aesrg.tamu.edu
1:30 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:35 PM0844Introduction to symposium and goals of the Youth Education Committee
M. O. Way, moway@aesrg.tamu.edu
1:45 PM0845The EntDigital library: Overview of program purpose and outcomes  [ Recorded presentation ]
April Gower, april@entfdn.org
2:10 PM0846A whole from the parts: Assembling the digital library database  [ Recorded presentation ]
Yulu Xia, yulu_xia@ncsu.edu
2:35 PMStudent development and review of resources: 52 ways to engage students
Leon G. Higley, LHIGLEY1@unl.edu, Douglas A. Golick, dgolick@hotmail.com, Timothy E. Huntington, timh@unlserve.unl.edu
3:00 PM0848Objectives and assessment: Meshing entomology and science standards  [ Recorded presentation ]
Kerri Skinner, skinnerkm@unk.edu
3:25 PMBreak
3:40 PM0849Bits and bytes: Electronic materials, laboratory resources and reviews  [ Recorded presentation ]
W. Wyatt Hoback, hobackww@unk.edu
4:05 PM0850Online keys many possibilities  [ Recorded presentation ]
Mathew Brust, brustml@unk.edu
4:30 PM0851Digital demos and other fun - Using electronic media to enhance both live lecture and distance education entomology courses  [ Recorded presentation ]
Clyde Sorenson, clyde_sorenson@ncsu.edu
4:55 PM0852Fair use and copyright in the digital age of distance education  [ Recorded presentation ]
Steven McGahan, mcgahansj@unk.edu

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