Wednesday, December 13, 2006: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Room 107 (Convention Center)

Symposium: Genitalic Homology Challenges in the Lepidopteran Tree Of Life

Organizer(s): Susan J. Weller,
Amanda Roe,
8:00 AMWelcoming Remarks
8:05 AM1016Homology in genitalia of lower heteroneurans, with special reference to Nepticuloidea (Lepidoptera)  [ Recorded presentation ]
Erik J. Van Nieukerken,, Don Davis,
8:30 AM1017Homology challenges in Tineoidea and other non-ditrysians
Don Davis,
8:55 AM1018Challenges of genital homology in the Gelechioidea
Sibyl R. Bucheli,, John W. Wenzel,
9:15 AM1019Challenges and progress in Choreutoidea  [ Recorded presentation ]
Jadranka Rota,
9:35 AM1020Homology of copulatory structures of the Zygaenoidea, with special reference to genitalia reduction and functional morphology in the Zygaenidae  [ Recorded presentation ]
Yen Shen-Horn,, Marc Epstein,
9:55 AMPanel Discussion
10:15 AMBreak
10:25 AM1021Homology issues in oleuthretine Tortricidae  [ Recorded presentation ]
Richard L. Brown,, Joaquin Baixeras
10:45 AM1022Genitalic perils in Pyraloidea
M. Alma Solis,
11:05 AM1023Comparative morphology of male and female genitalia within Papilionoidea  [ Recorded presentation ]
Carla Penz,
11:25 AM1024The ground pattern and basal splitting event in the Expoporia in the light of recent findings on Mnesarchaeidae  [ Recorded presentation ]
Niels Kristensen,, George Gibbs, George.Gibbs@VUW.AC.NZ
11:45 AMPanel Discussion

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