Monday, December 11, 2006: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM

Rooms 201-203 (Convention Center)

Symposium: From Entomological Plagues to Biodiversity: Unfinished Business in Africa. A Tribute to the Life of Professor Thomas R. Odhiambo (1931-2003).

Organizer(s): Moses, T. K. Kairo,
Samuel Ochieng,
Pedro Barbosa,
Henry Fadamiro,
Oscar Liburd,
Peter Edde,
George Opit,
Francoise Favi,
1:30 PMIntroductory Remarks  [ Recorded presentation ]
1:35 PM0563A tribute to Professor Thomas R. Odhiambo (1931-2003), founding director of the International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology
Rachel Galun,
1:53 PM0564Frontiers of insect physiology and how they relate to addressing entomological challenges in Africa
Lynn Riddiford,
2:11 PM0565Agricultural science: Looking forward to the next 50 years  [ Recorded presentation ]
Hans R. Herren,
2:29 PM0566Mosquitoes research at ICIPE  [ Recorded presentation ]
Phil Louinibos,, John Beier,
2:47 PM0567Tsetse: Tom Odhiambo's legacy lives on  [ Recorded presentation ]
David L. Denlinger,
3:05 PM0568Fungal pathogens against ticks: Is the cattle skin surface too hostile  [ Recorded presentation ]
Moses T. K. Kairo,, Perry Polar,, Dave Moore,
3:23 PMBreak
3:33 PM0569SIT for screwworm and tsetse: Challenges and promises
Muhammad F. Chaudhury,, Marc J. B. Vreysen,
3:51 PM0570A plague on locusts  [ Recorded presentation ]
Dave Moore,, Jean Nguya Kalemba Maniania,
4:09 PM0571ICIPE's quest for a sustainable solution to cereal stemborer problems in smallholder agriculture in Africa
Charles Omwega, Zeyaur R. Khan,, William Overholt,
4:27 PM0572Termite research, from ICIPE to New Orleans  [ Recorded presentation ]
Ashok K. Raina
4:45 PM0573An ARPPIS alumni in US agricultural research
Baldwyn Torto,
5:03 PM0574Challenges and opportunities in understanding and managing African insect biodiversity  [ Recorded presentation ]
Scott Miller,
5:21 PMDiscussion
5:25 PMConcluding Remarks

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