Tuesday, December 12, 2006: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Room 109 (Convention Center)

Symposium: Board Certified Entomologists' Symposium: Applied Realities of Pheromone Chemistry

Organizer(s): Ted Granovsky, tag@granovsky.com
Stuart Mitchell, docmitchell@hotmail.com
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:10 AM0699Recent discoveries of insect communication signals and their potential for insect management  [ Recorded presentation ]
Gerhard Gries, gries@sfu.ca
8:40 AM0700Applied realities of pheromone chemistry with fruit tree and vineyard systems  [ Recorded presentation ]
Douglas Pfeiffer, dgpfeiff@vt.edu
9:10 AM0701Pheromone application in a pecan IPM program  [ Recorded presentation ]
Marvin K. Harris, m-harris@tamu.edu
9:40 AM0702Intermission and join today  [ Recorded presentation ]
Stuart Mitchell, docmitchell@hotmail.com
10:00 AMBreak
10:15 AM0703Real world opportunities with pheromones in stored product pest management  [ Recorded presentation ]
Thomas W. Phillips, tom.phillips@okstate.edu
10:45 AM0704Opportunities and realities with clothes moth pheromones  [ Recorded presentation ]
Alain VanRyckeghem, insecthelp@insectslimited.com
11:15 AM0705Pheromone and food lures in fly management  [ Recorded presentation ]
Cissie Spragins, cspragins@rockwelllabs.com
11:45 AMConcluding Remarks

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