Sunday, December 10, 2006: 8:30 AM-12:30 PM

Room 108 (Convention Center)

Ten-Minute Papers, Section Cd. Behavior and Ecology

Moderator(s): Gina Marie Wimp
Nancy A Schellhorn
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:35 AM0059Nutrient inputs and detritus affect the structure and composition of a salt marsh arthropod community
Gina Marie Wimp, Deborah L. Finke, Robert F. Denno
8:47 AM0060Plant-mediated interactions linking aboveground and belowground herbivory  [ Recorded presentation ]
Ian Kaplan, Sandra Sardanelli, Robert F. Denno
8:59 AM0061Within a salt marsh community, are arthropod body size and stoichiometry correlated?
Rachel E. Goeriz, Robert F. Denno
9:11 AM0062Area and connectivity determine the trophic structure of salt marsh arthropods
Holly M. Martinson, William F. Fagan, Robert F. Denno
9:23 AM0063The effect of alternative food type on predator communities and the strength of trophic cascades
Steven D. Frank, Paula Shrewsbury, Robert F. Denno
9:35 AM0064Do gall-inducing insects avoid plant indirect defenses?  [ Recorded presentation ]
John Tooker, Consuelo De Moraes
9:47 AM0065Winter severity affects the use of refuge habitats by predators: Implications for spatial variation in the top-down control of herbivore populations
Danny Lewis, Robert F. Denno
9:59 AM0066Invasive ants alter food webs and decrease diversity  [ Recorded presentation ]
Chadwick V. Tillberg, Edward G. LeBrun, David A. Holway, Andrew V. Suarez
10:11 AM0067Foraging traits of predators and the spatial distribution of prey: The variability of performance  [ Recorded presentation ]
Felix J. J. A. Bianchi, Nancy A Schellhorn, Wopke Van der Werf
10:23 AMBreak
10:35 AM0069Fire ants increase the spread of an aphid-vectored plant virus  [ Recorded presentation ]
Micky D. Eubanks, John Murphy, Laura B. Cooper
10:47 AM0070Extrafloral nectaries on fava beans (Broad Windsor), Vicia faba L. and their attraction to nectar seeking insects  [ Recorded presentation ]
Mark E. Headings, Leslie A. Morris
10:59 AM0071Do insect herbivores occupy nutritional niches?  [ Recorded presentation ]
Spencer Behmer, Anthony Joern
11:11 AM0072Fertilization and plant litter alter beetle community structure in an old-field grassland  [ Recorded presentation ]
L. Brian Patrick, Mark W. Kershner, Lauchlan H. Fraser
11:23 AM0073Habitat colonization by tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris  [ Recorded presentation ]
Gregory English-Loeb, Juliet Carroll, Dong Ho Cha
11:35 AM0074Comparing three trap types for examining the insect community associated with sage in Southeastern Idaho  [ Recorded presentation ]
Stephen P. Cook, Sara Murdock, Carrie Caselton Lowe
11:47 AM0075Movement of ladybeetles across an agricultural landscape  [ Recorded presentation ]
Claudio Gratton, Katherine J. Forbes

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