Sunday, December 10, 2006 - 9:59 AM

Invasive ants alter food webs and decrease diversity

Chadwick V. Tillberg, tillberg@life.uiuc.edu1, Edward G. LeBrun, elebrun@mail.utexas.edu2, David A. Holway, dholway@biomal.ucsd.edu3, and Andrew V. Suarez, avsuarez@life.uiuc.edu1. (1) University of Illinois, Dept. of Animal Biology, 515 Morrill Hall, 505 South Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL, (2) University of Texas - Austin, Brackenridge Field Lab, 2907 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX, (3) University of California - San Diego, Division of Biological Sciences, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA

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Species 1: Hymenoptera Formicidae Linepithema humile (Argentine ant)

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