Tuesday, 16 November 2004: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Ballroom B (Salt Palace L-1)

Program Symposium: Rhopalocera Erotica: A Passion for Butterflies, Part 2

Organizer(s): Paul Z. Goldstein, pgoldstein@fmnh.org
Sydney A. Cameron, scameron@life.uiuc.edu
Peter Cranston, pscranston@ucdavis.edu
1:00 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:10 PM0707Evolution of aposematism in the moth group Dioptinae (Noctuoidea: Notodontidae)
James Miller, Hairmuler@aol.com
1:35 PM0708Molecular phylogenetics of milkweed butterflies: Building on the cladistic legacy of Ackery and Vane-Wright  [ Recorded presentation ]
Andrew V.Z. Brower, browera@science.oregonstate.edu
2:00 PM0709Immature stages in phylogeny reconstruction: Indispensable total evidence or incomplete utopian dream?
Ian Kitching, I.Kitching@nhm.ac.uk
2:25 PMBreak
2:35 PM0710Molecular phylogenetics and the biology of endangerment in North American Lepidoptera
Paul Z. Goldstein, pgoldstein@fmnh.org
3:00 PM0711Evolution of false head wing patterns in the New World
Robert K. Robbins, Robbins.Robert@NMNH.SI.EDU
3:25 PM0712Historical and ecological biogeography of the Napaeina (Riodinidae: Mesosemiini)  [ Recorded presentation ]
Jason Hall, Hall.Jason@NMNH.SI.EDU
3:50 PM0713Drugs and particles fathers' little helpers
Michael Boppre, boppre@fzi.uni-freiburg.de
4:15 PM0714Where can our passion take us?  [ Recorded presentation ]
Richard Vane-Wright, R.Vane-Wright@nhm.ac.uk
4:40 PMConcluding Remarks

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