Monday, 15 November 2004: 7:00 AM-6:30 PM

Hall A (Salt Palace L-1)

Display Presentations, Section Cd.

Organizer(s): Robert J Wright
D0196Use of a synthetic male-produced aggregation pheromone for IPM of Colorado potato beetle
Thomas P. Kuhar, Joseph C. Dickens
D0197Rhodnius spp. (Triatominae) and its interactions with palm trees in South America
Cristina Romana, Guy Mejia, Katharina Dittmar de la Cruz
D0198Foraging behavior of Syntermes molestus (Isoptera:Termitidae)
Solange Issa, Dayaleth Alfonzo
D0199Menke's enigma solved: The Venezuelan mass-aggregating wasps are Polistes versicolor
Jorge M. Gonzalez, J. Piņango, E. Blanco D, R. W. Matthews
D0200The North American species of Melittobia parasitic wasps: Current status and distribution
Robert W. Matthews, Jorge M. Gonzalez
D0201The effect of riparian forested corridors on beneficial and detrimental entomofauna in coffee farms of the Turrialba Region, Costa Rica
Mariangie Ramos, Edgar Varon, Sanford D. Eigenbrode, Nilsa A. Bosque-Perez, Luko Hilje
D0202Monitoring and evaluating the health of ash trees on recreational sites in Lower Michigan
John A Witter, Catherine Resler, Katherine Windfeldt, Andrew J. Storer

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