Wednesday, 29 October 2003: 7:00 AM-3:00 PM

Hall B (Convention Center (First Floor))

Display Presentations, Section D. Medical and Veterinary Entomology

D0596Repeated infestation of mice with Amblyomma americanum nymphs does not induce anti-tick resistance
Amanda D. Loftis, Danielle E. Ross, Michael L. Levin
D0597Life of a tick: Laboratory life cycles of six tick species
Danielle E. Ross, Michael L. Levin
D0598The Chesapeake and Delaware canal: Its effectiveness as a barrier against Ixodes scapularis
Kathleen L. Curran, Lindsay Morris, Jonathan Kidd
D0599Exon-intron structure of hard tick calreticulin genes
Guang Xu, Quentin Fang, James Keirans, Lance Durden
D0600History of cattle fever tick infestations in Zapata County, Texas - 1976 to present
Diane M. Kammlah, J. Mathews Pound, John E. George, Richard A. Ferris, Edwin J. Bowers
D0601Experimental infection of dairy calves with Borrelia burgdorferi by exposure to field-collected Ixodes scapularis ticks
Tracy L. Cyr, Celia O'Brien, John F. Carroll
D0602A target animal model for evaluating the activity and potency of compounds with potential acaricidal activity
Steven M. Bauer, Xiaowen Zhao, W. Hunter White, Jesus A. Gutierrez, Douglas E. Hutchens, Charles K. Smith
D0603Establishment of a rat acaricide test for the identification of novel acaricides
Xiaowen Zhao, Connie J. Kemper, Phillip R. Plummer, W. Hunter White, Steven M. Bauer, Charles K. Smith, Jesus A. Gutierrez
D0604Attracticides for control of medically important ticks
Luma Abu Ayyash, John R McLaughlin, Thomas Daniels, Richard Falco, Daniel E Sonenshine, Darek Czokajlo, Philipp Kirsch
D0605A case of more deer and fewer Ixodes scapularis?
John F. Carroll, Rhonda Hurt
D0606A tick larval immersion microassay for library screening and acaricide development
W. Hunter White, Phillip R. Plummer, Robert J. Miller, Ronald B. Davey, Connie J. Kemper, Xiaowen Zhao, Charles K. Smith II, Douglas E. Hutchens, Jesus A. Gutierrez
D0607Scabies mites induce a Th1 protective response
Peter N. Lalli, Larry G. Arlian, Marjorie S. Morgan
D0608Scabies mites modulate inflammatory/immune cytokine gene expression
Ndate Fall, Larry G. Arlian, Marjorie S. Morgan
D0609Storage mite sensitization in the general population
Praveen K. Kondreddi, Anitha D. Yadav, Larry G. Arlian, Marjorie S. Morgan

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