Wednesday, 29 October 2003: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

203-211 (Convention Center (Second Floor))

Symposium: Eating Healthy--Nutritional Aspects of Insectivory

Organizer(s): Florence Dunkel
David Stanley
Mark Headings
1:00 PM0958What do we mean by "human food insects"?
Florence V. Dunkel
1:15 PM0959Human nutrition: What do humans need?
Mark Failla
1:40 PM0960Availability of high quality protein in food insects: The chitin issue
Mark Headings
2:05 PM0961Anabolic steroids and corticosteroids of food insects and nutraceutical insects
Murray Blum
2:30 PM0962Fat soluble vitamins, minerals, and proximate composition of food insects
Ellen Dierenfeld
2:55 PM0963FDA and food insects: Reasonable risk and regulatory issues for domestic and imported products
Robert Peterson
3:20 PM0964Is human insectivory eating healthy? Summary statement
Gene DeFoliart
3:40 PMReception and Poster Session

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