Submitted Ten-Minute Papers - Session I

Tuesday, June 2, 2015: 2:00 PM-4:15 PM
Konza Prairie (Manhattan Conference Center)
Deanna Scheff

2:00 PM
Influence of soil type on Cry3Bb1 expression and efficacy in the field
David S. Wangila, University of Nebraska ; Blair Siegfried, University of Nebraska ; Haichuan Wang, University of Nebraska ; Arnubio Valencia J, University of Nebraska ; Lance Meinke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2:12 PM
2:24 PM
Can Cropping History Influence the Risk of Western Corn Rootworm Developing Bt Resistance?
Ram B. Shrestha, Iowa State University ; Mike W. Dunbar, Iowa State University ; Aaron J. Gassmann, Iowa State University
2:36 PM
Evaluation of management options for Bt resistant western corn rootworm
Siva Jakka, Iowa State University ; Ram Shrestha, Iowa State University ; Michael Dunbar, Iowa State University ; Aaron Gassmann, Iowa State University
2:48 PM
Dow AgroSciences Transgenic Corn Strategy and Field Efficacy Performance
Dwain M. Rule, Dow AgroSciences ; Kevin Johnson, Dow AgroSciences ; Laura Campbell, Dow AgroSciences
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
Toxic refuge: the effect of Bt cross pollination on ear feeding caterpillars
Sarah Zukoff, Kansas State University ; Patrick Porter, Texas A&M University ; Ed Bynum, Texas AgriLife Extension Service (TAES)
3:27 PM
Management of Soybean Aphid with Transform Insecticide in Midwest
Fikru Haile, Dow AgroSciences ; Melissa Siebert, Dow AgroSciences ; Patricia Prasifka, Dow AgroSciences
3:39 PM
3:51 PM
Virulence in different populations of Hessian fly to resistance genes in wheat
Richard Shukle, USDA-ARS, Purdue University ; Sue Cambron, USDA-ARS ; Hossam Eldien Abdel Moniem, Purdue University ; Brandon Schemerhorn, Purdue University ; Julie Redding, USDA ; G. David Buntin, University of Georgia ; Kathy Flanders, Auburn University ; Dominic Reisig, North Carolina State University
4:03 PM
Tolerance as a Putative Mechanism for Hessian Fly Control in Wheat
Kirsten Roe, Purdue University ; Brandon Schemerhorn, Purdue University