13 - Graduate Student Poster Competition: P-IE

Monday, November 17, 2014: 8:00 AM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall C (Oregon Convention Center)

Physiological and molecular mechanisms of drought stress in soybean: Impacts on soybean aphid populations and virus infection
Christopher Culkin, Indiana University-Purdue University ; Peter Saya, Indiana University-Purdue University ; Vamsi Nalam, Indiana University-Purdue University ; Punya Nachappa, Indiana University-Purdue University
Evaluation of plant-based Western corn rootworm bioassays for cost effectiveness and detection of resistance to Bt traits
Dalton Ludwick, University of Missouri ; Lisa Meihls, USDA - ARS ; Thomas A. Coudron, USDA - ARS ; Bruce Hibbard, USDA - ARS
 Helianthus annus resistance: Evaluation and enhancement of insect pest resistance against sunflower head moth, Homoesoma electellum (Hulst)
D. Sikora, University of Nebraska ; Jeffrey Bradshaw, University of Nebraska ; Jarrad Prasifka, USDA - ARS ; Gary Brewer, University of Nebraska
Influence of soybean aphid biotypes on chlorophyll loss of various soybean genotypes
Predeesh Chandran, Kansas State University ; John C. Reese, Kansas State University ; Brian W. Diers, University of Illinois ; Dechun Wang, Michigan State University ; William T. Schapaugh, Kansas State University
Strong teeth are needed to eat tough food: Caterpillar mandible durability in response to plant feeding
Flor E. Acevedo, Pennsylvania State University ; Michelle Peiffer, Pennsylvania State University ; Dawn Luthe, Pennsylvania State University ; Gary Felton, Pennsylvania State University
Feeding behavior of European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hübner), on a range of host plants
Kelsey Fisher, University of Delaware ; Charles E. Mason, University of Delaware
White ash survival in forested sites in the core of the EAB invasion
Molly Robinett, Michigan State University ; Deborah G. McCullough, Michigan State University