04 - Graduate Student TMP Competition: MUVE

Monday, November 17, 2014: 8:20 AM-12:30 PM
B110-112 (Oregon Convention Center)
Janet Hurley
Sonja Thomas

8:20 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:24 AM
Expression of costimulatory molecules on antigen presenting cells treated with Ixodes scapularis and Amblyomma americanum recombinant saliva proteins
Mariam Bakshi, Texas A&M University ; Albert Mulenga, Texas A&M University ; Waithaka Mwangi, Texas A&M University ; Lindsay Porter, Texas A&M University ; Tae Kim, Texas A&M University
8:36 AM
Ixodes scapularis tick saliva serine protease inhibitors (serpins): Roles in tick feeding regulation
Lauren Lewis, Texas A&M University ; Albert Mulenga, Texas A&M University
8:48 AM
Functional characterization and  target validation of Amblyomma americanum serpin: AAS8
Lindsay Porter, Texas A&M University ; Albert Mulenga, Texas A&M University
9:00 AM
9:12 AM
Community genomics of the Chagas Disease vector, Triatoma dimidiata: uncovering genetic variation and gut microbial fauna of a deadly kissing bug
Lucia Orantes, University of Vermont ; Lori Stevens, University of Vermont ; Patricia Dorn, Loyola University ; Rachel Fredericksen, University of Vermont ; John Hanley, University of Vermont ; Leslie Morrissey, University of Vermont ; Donna Rizzo, University of Vermont ; M. Carlota Monroy, Universidad de San Carlos ; Kimberly F. Wallin, USDA - Forest Service ; Sara Cahan, University of Vermont
9:24 AM
9:36 AM
Genetic basis of insensitivity to DEET in Anopheles gambiae
James Ricci, University of California ; David Turissini, University of California ; Raissa Green, University of California ; Bradley White, University of California
9:48 AM
Males are from Mars, females are from Venus… and Earth? Adventures in sex determination and transcriptomics
Meaghan Pimsler, Texas A&M University ; Sing-Hoi Sze, Texas A&M University ; Corbin D. Jones, University of North Carolina ; Max Scott, North Carolina State University ; Shuhua Fu, Texas A&M University ; Christine Picard, Indiana University Purdue University ; Anne Andere, Indiana University Purdue University ; Jeffery K. Tomberlin, Texas A&M University ; Aaron Tarone, Texas A&M University
10:00 AM
10:12 AM
Investigation on the humoral immune factors putatively associated with different vector competence between human body and head lice
Ju Hyeon Kim, Seoul National University ; Kyong Sup Yoon, University of Massachusetts ; Domenic J. Previte, University of Massachusetts ; John M. Clark, University of Massachusetts ; Si Hyeock Lee, Seoul National University
10:24 AM
10:36 AM
Genetic variation of the drywood termite Incisitermes schwarzi (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae)
Mark Janowiecki, University of Arkansas ; Allen L. Szalanski, University of Arkansas ; Rudolph H. Scheffrahn, University of Florida ; James W. Austin, BASF Corporation
11:00 AM
Reproductive compatibility among populations and host-associated lineages of bed bugs, Cimex lectularius
Zachary DeVries, North Carolina State University ; Coby Schal, North Carolina State University
11:12 AM
Little population structure within the American dog tick, Dermacentor variabilis, across North America
Emily Kaufman, Northern Arizona University ; Joseph D. Busch, Northern Arizona University ; Glen Scoles, USDA - ARS ; David M. Wagner, Northern Arizona University
11:24 AM
The effect of two commercial baits on bacterial community in the termite gut
Rachel Ann Arango, USDA - Forest Service ; Kenneth Raffa, University of Wisconsin ; Frederick Green III, USDA - Forest Service
11:36 AM