16- Graduate Posters P-IE

Monday, November 11, 2013: 8:00 AM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall 4 (Austin Convention Center)

Combining host plant resistance and insecticide applications to control stink bugs in soybean
Miyanda N. Moonga, Louisiana State University ; Jeffrey A. Davis, Louisiana State University ; Arthur R. Richter, Louisiana State University
Susceptibility of Cry1F-susceptible and -resistant fall armyworm to transgenic corn plants containing single or pyramided Bt genes
Ying Niu, Louisiana State University ; Robert L. Meagher, USDA, Agricultural Research Service ; Fei Yang, Louisiana State University ; Vikash Dangal, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center ; Fangneng Huang, Louisiana State University
Alpha-thujone prevents apple infestation by codling moth neonates, a study using comparative planar chromatography
Cory Creed, Missouri State University ; Ariel Mollhagen, Missouri State University ; Noelle P. Mollhagen, Missouri State University ; Maciej A. Pszczolkowski, Missouri State University
The role of insect carcasses in mediating soil microbial community function and composition in a heathland ecosystem
Madeline Raudenbush, University of Wisconsin ; David Hoekman, University of Colorado ; Randall Jackson, University of Wisconsin ; Claudio Gratton, University of Wisconsin
Trapped in a Prism: Effects of trap color on ambrosia beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) capture
Chris Werle, Louisiana State University ; Alicia Bray, Tennessee State University ; Jason Oliver, Tennessee State University ; Blair Sampson, USDA, Agricultural Research Service ; Chris Ranger, USDA Agricultural Research Service ; Peter B. Schultz, Virginia Tech ; Michael Reding, USDA Agricultural Research Service ; Jeff Kuehny, Louisiana State University
Dectes stem-borer, Dectes texanus LeConte, in Nebraska soybeans
Zach Rystrom, University of Nebraska ; Robert Wright, University of Nebraska