P-IE Section Symposium: Does Successful Resistance Management Require At Least Some Government Regulation?

Sunday, November 10, 2013: 8:10 AM-12:00 PM
Meeting Room 17 A (Austin Convention Center)
Rick Roush
Fred Gould
Anthony M. Shelton
Bruce E. Tabashnik

8:10 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:40 AM
Where and why resistance management has and hasn't succeeded for Bt crops
Bruce Tabashnik, University of Arizona ; Yves Carriere, University of Arizona
9:05 AM
9:27 AM
Successful resistance management for spinosad
Gary D. Thompson, Dow AgroSciences ; Jim. E. Dripps, Dow AgroSciences ; T. C. Sparks, Dow AgroSciences, LLC
9:47 AM
IRAC-US - perspectives on insecticide resistance management, implementation and regulation
Caydee Savinelli, Syngenta Crop Protection ; Walt Mullins, Bayer CropScience
10:07 AM
10:37 AM
10:57 AM
EPA's regulatory role with insect resistance management
Jeannette C. Martinez, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pesticide Programs
11:37 AM
Panel Discussion
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