Member Symposium: Red Imported Fire Ants: Global Approaches to a Global Invasive Species

Sunday, November 10, 2013: 1:00 PM-6:00 PM
Meeting Room 8 C (Austin Convention Center)
Robert Plowes
Robert T. Puckett
S. Bradleigh Vinson

1:00 PM
Welcoming Remarks
1:05 PM
1:20 PM
1:35 PM
Dynamics of fire ants in south central Texas since invasion
Lawrence E. Gilbert, University of Texas
1:50 PM
Impact of the “Imported Fire Ant” in the USA
S. Bradleigh Vinson, Texas A&M University
2:05 PM
Niche partitioning among diverse Pseudacteon parasitoids of fire ants
PJ. Folgarait, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
2:35 PM
The role of Pseudacteon phorid flies in the foraging dynamics of red imported fire ants: resource size and nutrient composition selection
Robert T. Puckett, Texas A&M University ; Janis Reed, Texas A&M University ; Roger E. Gold, Texas A&M University
3:35 PM
3:50 PM
4:00 PM
Habitat selection by queens: explaining the distribution of fire ants and native ants
Joshua R. King, University of Central Florida ; Walter R. Tschinkel, The Florida State University
4:45 PM
5:00 PM
Receptors and effectors involved in reproductive control in the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren
Patricia V. Pietrantonio, Texas A&M University ; Hsiao-Ling Lu, Texas A&M University
5:15 PM
Fire ant semiochemicals: Interspecific and intraspecific interactions
Robert Vander Meer, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
5:30 PM
Olfaction and chemical signaling in ant colonies
Robert Renthal, University of Texas
5:45 PM
BFL reception 7pm
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