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VP29 A new species under Genus Phlebotomus and subgenus (Gujarat. vaseti) sp. nov. ( Diptera: Psychodidae) from Vaseti Panchamahal District, Gujarat,  India

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  • Prakash Salunkhe , Medical Entomology, National Institute of Virology, Pune, India

    The genus Phlebotomus ( Gujarat) subgenus. nov. vaseti sp.nov. Phlebotomine sand fly is described with illustrations of adult females and male. Other forty two species under the genus Phlebotomus are P. papatasi (Scopoli), P. salehi (Mesghali) P. (Para.) alexandri (Sinton), P. (Para.) nuri (Lewis). P. ( Para). sergenti (Parrot), P. .(Syn) eleanorae (Sinton).Larroussius betisi. (Lewis & Wharton.), P. (Larroussius) kandelakii (Shchurenkova.), P. (Larroussius.) kandelakii burneyi (Lewis.), P. .(Larroussius) major (Annandale.) P. (Larroussius) major major. (Annandale.) P. (Adlerius) chinensis. (Newstead.) P. (Adlerius.) chinensis chinensis. (Newstead.), P. (Adlerius.) longiductus. (Parrot.), P. (Eu.) argentipes.) (Annandale & Brunetti.), P. (Eu) kiangsuensis. (Yao & Wu). P. (Eu) philippinensis. (Manalang.), P. (Pu). philippinensis goudi (Lewis), subsp. n P. (Pu) philippinensis philippinensis (Manalang.) . (Manalang.), P. (Eu) barguesae. (Jerome Depaquit. Frederique Muller and Nicole Leger.) , P. (Ana). colabaensis (Young & Chalam.), P. (Ana.) hoepplii. (Tang & Maa) P (Ana.) stantoni. (Newstead.), P. (Idio). asperulus. (Quate & Fairchild.), P. (Idio) erebicolus. (Quate.), P. (Idio) frondifer. (Lewis & Lane.), P. (Idio.) pholetor. (Quate & Fairchild.), P. (Idio) sejunctus. (Quate.), P. (Idio) stellae. (Quate.), P. (Idio.) teshi. (Lewis) sp. n. P. (Idio) tubifer. (Lewis & Lane). Micropygomyia dorafeliciangeliae nov. sp., Pintomyia dominiocana nov. sp., amber, Fossil, Phlebotominae. (Jose dilermando And rade Filho), Eunice A Bianchi Galati, and Reginaldo Pecanha Brazil . During an extensive surveillance of Chandipura virus mediated encephalitis, entomological searches collected. in mixed-dwelling (human and cattle) habitats, were made for possible sand fly vectors of disease transmission.

    doi: 10.1603/ICE.2016.56898

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