Display Presentations: Structural, Veterinary, and Public Health Systems

Wednesday, December 16, 2009: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM
Hall D, First Floor (Convention Center)
Status of an area-wide IPM program for managing Formosan subterranean termites (Coptotermes formosanus) in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana
Dennis R. Ring, Louisiana State University; Alan L. Morgan, Louisiana State University AgCenter; Frank S. Guillot, USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Southern Region Research Center (SRRC); Alan Lax, USDA - ARS; Charles R. McCown, Lousiana State University Agricultural Center
Diurnal and seasonal activity patterns for the western drywood termite, Incisitermes minor, in naturally infested wood
Vernard Lewis, University of California; Shawn Leighton, University of California-Berkeley; Robin Taylor, University of California-Berkeley
Quantitative changes in hydrocarbons in fecal pellets of Incisitermes minor over time may predict the active or inactive status of colonies
Vernard Lewis, University of California; Lori J. Nelson, USDA - Forest Service; Michael I. Haverty, University of California; James Baldwin, USDA
The termiticidal activity of a sesquiterpene natural product
John M. Bland, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
Fire ant management demonstrations increase school IPM adoption?
Karen Vail, University of Tennessee; Jennifer G. Chandler, University of Tennessee; Joseph C. Maples, University of Tennessee; Pat A. Barnwell, University of Tennessee
Evaluation of Argentine ant (Linepithema humile (Mayr)) control methods in campgrounds
Eric P. Benson, Clemson University; Patricia A. Zungoli, Clemson University; Brittany R. Ellis, Clemson University
New possibilities for methyl bromide free stored product insect control
Moshe Kostyukovsky, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center; A. Trostanetsky, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center; M. Menasherov, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center; G. Yasinov, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center; Talat Hazan, Hazan Pest Control Ltd
How do you tell a gal’s age?  Methods for age grading female mosquitoes
Brittany M. Mills, Lake County Vector Control Disrtict; David L. Woodward, Lake County Vector Control Disrtict; Bonnie M. Ryan, Lake County Vector Control Disrtict; Jamesina J. Scott, Lake County Vector Control Disrtict
Adaptive photoperiodic egg diapause is retained in Florida populations of invasive Aedes albopictus
LP. Lounibos, University of Florida; R.L. Escher, University of Florida; Naoya Nishimura, University of Florida; MH. Reiskind, Oklahoma State University
Wolbachia in Culex pipiens:  Is there a relationship between Wolbachia strains and population substructuring or host selection?
Rebecca J. Wright, Michigan State University; Gabriel L. Hamer, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Theodore G. Andreadis, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station; Tony L. Goldberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Edward D. Walker, Michigan State University
Comparative analysis of oviposition behavior of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus
Sandra A. Allan, USDA - ARS; Catherine Zettel Nalen, University of Florida; James J. Becnel, USDA - ARS; P.E. Kaufman, University of Florida
Aedes aegypti male as a vector of Metarhizium anisopliae conidia
M.A. Rodriguez Perez, Instituto Politécnico Nacional; E.J. De luna Santillana, Instituto Politécnico Nacional; F. Reyes Villanueva, Biomedicine; J.A. Garza Hernandez, Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Development and delivery of a pesticide safety education program in West Africa
Patricia Ann Hipkins, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Kadidiatou Gamby, Institut D'Economie Rurale; Issa Sidibe, OHVN; Donald Mullins, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Integrated malaria management through development of a more efficient Handicraft Enterprise in a Bambara farming village
Wendy Nickisch, Montana State University; Florence Dunkel, Montana State University; Keriba Coulibaly, l'Institut d'Economie Rurale; Ada Giusti, Montana State University
Efficacy of selected insect growth regulators and other insecticides against bed bugs, Cimex lectularius (Heteroptera: Cimicidae)
Ronda L. Hamm, Dow AgroSciences, LLC; Mike P. Tolley, Dow AgroSciences; Eva A. Chin, Dow AgroSciences
Bed bug (Cimex lectularius) awareness initiatives in Ohio
Susan Jones, The Ohio State University; Paul Wenning, Franklin County Board of Health; Matt Beal, Ohio Dept of Agriculture, Pesticide Regulation Section; Sue Carpenter, Columbus Code Enforcement; Andrew Christman, Ohio Pest Management Association; Karen Needham, The Ohio State University; Benjamin Diehl, The Ohio State University
Response of human skin equivalents to house dust and stored product mite extracts
Marjorie S. Morgan, Wright State University; Larry G. Arlian, Wright State University
The influence of temperature on population growth and allergen production in Dermatophagoides spp., house dust mites
Lakshmi Yella, Wright State University; Larry G. Arlian, Wright State University; Marjorie S. Morgan, Wright State University
Sand fly (Phlebotomus papatasi) research initiatives at USDA-CMAVE in support of the Deployed War Fighter Protection (DWFP) program
Matt Aubuchon, USDA, Agricultural Research Service; Sandra A. Allan, USDA - ARS; Gary G. Clark, USDA, Agricultural Research Service; Kenneth J. Linthicum, USDA - ARS
Repellent effects of pinenes on the house fly, Musca domestica
Angela Acevedo, SUNY New Paltz; Hannah Lewis-Rosenblum, University of Florida; Preeti Dhar, SUNY at New Paltz; Aaron Haselton, SUNY at New Paltz
Beak trimming, welfare, and poultry ectoparasite control: Can we just let the hens do it?
Bradley Mullens, University of California; Jeb Owen, Washington State University; D.R. Kuney, University of California-Riverside; Brian Chen, University of California-Riverside; Joy Mench, University of California-Davis; Giuseppe Vezzoli, University of California-Davis; John Conklin, University of California-Riverside; Neil O'Sullivan, Hy-Line International
Effectiveness of oil-based pesticides on snails and slugs
Wai-Ki Frankie Lam, Brandt Consolidated, Inc; Cheryl A. Wilen, University of California Statewide IPM Program
Introduction of exotic dung beetles into Canada to accelerate degradation of cattle dung
D. Wes Watson, North Carolina State University; Kevin Floate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Trials and tribulations of rearing the necrophilous predator Euspilotus assimilis (Paykull) (Coleoptera: Histeridae)
Anna Clark-Aguilard, Southeastern Louisiana University; Erin J. Watson-Horzelski, Southeastern Louisiana University
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