Ten-Minute Papers, P-IE: Invasive Species, Management & Climate Change

Tuesday, December 15, 2009: 7:00 AM-11:00 AM
Room 210, Second Floor (Convention Center)
Sharlene Sing
Brian H. Aukema
7:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
7:05 AM
Another new scale pest in Florida
Catharine Mannion, University of Florida; Greg Hodges, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
7:17 AM
First steps of a range expansion facilitated by climate change: How did mountain pine beetle breach the Rocky Mountain geoclimatic barrier in central British Columbia?
Brian H. Aukema, Canadian Forest Service & University of Northern British Columbia; Honey-Marie de la Giroday, Canadian Forest Service & University of Northern British Columbia; Allan L. Carroll, University of British Columbia
7:29 AM
Effect of infection status on the reproductive fitness of the huanglongbing vector, Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Psyllidae)
Kirsten S. Pelz-Stelinski, University of Florida; Ronald H. Brlansky, University of Florida; Michael E. Rogers, University of Florida
7:53 AM
Monitoring Asian longhorned beetles in Massachussetts
Maya Nehme, Pennsylvania State University; Melody A. Keena, USDA - Forest Service; Aijun Zhang, USDA-ARS; Kelli Hoover, Pennsylvania State University
8:05 AM
Monitoring movement of Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) between unmanaged and managed citrus groves with immunomarking
Siddharth Tiwari, Citrus Research and Education Center, University of Florida; Hannah Lewis-Rosenblum, University of Florida; Dhana Raj Boina, Kansas State University; Wendy L. Meyer, University of Florida; Lukasz L. Stelinski, University of Florida
8:41 AM
Improving survey methods for the emerald ash borer
Joseph A. Francese, USDA-APHIS-PPQ-CPHST Otis Laboratory; Damon Crook, USDA - APHIS - PPQ - CPHST; D Lance, USDA-APHIS-PPQ-CPHST Otis Laboratory; Victor Mastro, USDA - APHIS - PPQ - CPHST
8:53 AM
9:08 AM
Lure and trap development for monitoring Agrilus planipennis and Sirex noctilio
Damon Crook, USDA - APHIS - PPQ - CPHST; Allard Cossé, USDA - ARS; Ashot Khrimian, USDA - ARS; Jon Sweeney, Canadian Forest Service; Peter Silk, Natural Resources Canada; Kelley Zylstra, USDA - APHIS; Victor Mastro, USDA - APHIS - PPQ - CPHST
9:20 AM
Using unwounded host trees for detection of emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) adults and prospects for long term tree survival
Jordan M. Marshall, Michigan Technological University; Melissa J. Porter, Michigan Technological University; Andrew J. Storer, Michigan Technological University
9:32 AM
Chemistry and mating behaviour of Agrilus planipennis, emerald ash borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)
Peter Silk, Natural Resources Canada; Krista Ryall, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service; Peter Mayo, Natural Resources Canada; Matthew Lemay, University of New Brunswick; Jon Sweeney, Canadian Forest Service; Barry Lyons, Canadian Forest Service; Doug Pitt, Canadian Forest Service; David Magee, University of New Brunswick
9:44 AM
Emerald ash borer biological control research: an update
Leah S. Bauer, USDA - Forest Service; Juli Gould, USDA - APHIS; Jian J. Duan, USDA - ARS; Michael D. Ulyshen, USDA - Forest Service
9:56 AM
Simulating the effect of three management strategies on the spread of the emerald ash borer, Agrilus planipennis.
Rodrigo J. Mercader, Michigan State University; Nathan W. Siegert, Michigan State University; Andrew M. Liebhold, USDA - Forest Service; Deborah G. McCullough, Michigan State University
10:08 AM
10:20 AM
Freezing beetles: an improved model for predicting mountain pine beetle spread in western Canada
Kishan R. Sambaraju, University of Northern British Columbia; Allan L. Carroll, The University of British Columbia; Jun Zhu, University of Wisconsin; Brian H. Aukema, Canadian Forest Service & University of Northern British Columbia
10:32 AM
A study on the affects of temperature on the herbivory of Japanese beetle on soybean
Olivia K. Niziolek, University of Illinois; Clare L. Casteel, University of Illinois; Evan H. DeLucia, University of Illinois
10:44 AM
Importance of molecular confirmation of weed biocontrol target and agent identity
Sharlene Sing, USDA - Forest Service; Sarah Ward, Colorado State University; David K. Weaver, Montana State University; Marie Turner, Colorado State University
10:56 AM
Concluding Remarks