0548 Ant conservation: importance and challenges

Tuesday, December 15, 2009: 1:30 PM
Room 107-108, First Floor (Convention Center)
Leeanne E. Alonso , Rapid Assessment Program, Conservation International, Arlington, VA
Ed Wilson and Bert Hölldobler have long espoused the importance of the diversity and ecological services of ants. Due to numerous threats, many ant species and their services are now at risk. In this talk I will address several approaches to conserving ants, including focusing efforts on priority areas, habitats, and species. I will also discuss the challenges we face in the broader context of global conservation through several case studies. I propose that expanded research and outreach on the ecological importance of ants for human welfare will be a critical component in a successful ant conservation strategy.

doi: 10.1603/ICE.2016.40358