Challenges in Managing the Western Flower Thrips

Wednesday, November 19, 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room D7, First Floor (Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
Anthony W. Weiss
Stuart Reitz
8:05 AM
Economic importance and impact of western flower thrips
Cheryle O'Donnell, University of California; Michael P. Parrella, University of California
8:25 AM
8:45 AM
Biology and management of western flower thrips in tree fruits of Washington state
Stephen D. Cockfield, Okanogan Valley IPM, LLC; Elizabeth Beers, Washington State University; Vincent P. Jones, Washington State University
9:05 AM
Management of strawberry fruit bronzing and western flower thrips
Frank G. Zalom, University of California, Davis; Kirk Larson, University of California; Steve T. Koike, UC Cooperative Extension
10:05 AM
Break 1
10:20 AM
Management of western flower thrips in greenhouse ornamentals
Kevin Heinz, Texas A&M University; Andrew Chow, Texas A&M University
10:40 AM
11:00 AM
Development of chemical rotations within IPM programs for western flower thrips
Luis Gomez, Dow AgroSciences; James E. Dripps, Dow AgroSciences, LLC; Anthony W. Weiss, Dow AgroSciences LLC; Gary A. Finn, Dow AgroSciences LLC; Doris Paroonagian, Dow AgroSciences
11:40 AM
Future challenges in western flower thrips management
Anthony W. Weiss, Dow AgroSciences LLC; James E. Dripps, Dow AgroSciences, LLC
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